All The Important Do’s And Don’ts When Having Oral Sex

Hi Kuulpeeps, we have taken it upon ourselves (Yes we are post-kaya like that), to educate you, kuulpeeps, on the right and enjoyable way of having oral sex whether it is the boy going down on the girl or the other way round.

So let’s begin with the basic rule:


We just cannot stress on this enough!! If you want your partner to go down on you, make sure that your ‘family jewel’ is safe and sound!! And by that we mean CLEAN!! Don’t let it stink y’all!!!

You know you can get STI’s through oral sex right?? Well if you didn’t, now you do! So you can either do it with a condom or go check if you have any infections from a clinic first! You wouldn’t want to risk syphilis or gonorrhoea.

Now to the Language! The boys especially have a weird way of expressing themselves when they want oral sex. You don’t just openly say ‘Give me a blow-job’! From our interviews, the girls say it makes them feel like ‘hoes’! So boys boys, you could say, ‘I want you to go down on me’, in a calm sexy voice of course lol. And please bear in mind that, you should not force anyone to give you head if they don’t want to! You and your partner must agree that you are both into it.

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Pick a comfortable position! If kneeling doesn’t work for you, maybe your knees hurt or get weak; you should tell your partner about it. Keeping quiet so you don’t spoil the mood is worse than being on your knees and not giving out your best. You could try kneeling on some pillows or even lying on your back while they kneel over you.

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After letting you in on the rules, now we can delve into the methodology…lol. First of all, RELAX!! Just relax and allow your body to float into the land of orgasms!


So with edible lubricant, be it your saliva or some oil, you can apply that on your partner so that the area is not so dry. The lubricant makes it silkier and smoother. Some lubricants are fruit-flavoured and candy-flavoured if you’re worried about tasting your partner’s ade3 no.

Please communicate!

You cannot let your partner be wondering if they are doing the right thing or not, or if you are even enjoying it at all. Through communication, you can even suggest things you’d like for them to try.

Now our dear brothers, don’t just zoom right into it, kiss from her thighs and find your way down to her vagina. Just because you are going down on her doesn’t mean you should ignore the other sensitive area! Play with her titties! Stroke them; Squeeze them, if you know that’s how she likes it.

Also, you don’t need to deep- tongue to make her cum! Try playing with her clitoris and brushing your tongue, or your nose (Yes nose!) against it teasingly *wink*. After a while, you can deep-tongue, if you know she enjoys that too.

For the ladies, you don’t need to gag before he enjoys it. You do not need to literally swallow him wholly to make him cum. Try wrapping your hand around the bottom of his shaft and taking the rest of him in your mouth and flicking your tongue over the tip of his penis.

You shouldn’t just jump straight in by putting his shaft in your mouth. Foreplay Girl!! Try playing around his genital area with your hands, slowly, before giving him head. Small small biting too isn’t bad!

Not anything aggressive like how you chew meat, please, soft and harmless teeth strokes.

Just like girls have the G-spot; our guys have the F-spot too, the Frenulum! It’s the tiny bump on the underside of the penis, where the shaft meets the tip.

It needs SPECIAL attention. Try placing the tip of your finger on it, while taking his shaft into your mouth, rubbing your finger over the F-spot.

Now to the most-asked question! Do you swallow when he cums into your mouth? The right question is do you want him to? Even if it is 0.00001 second before he cums, he can tell you he’s coming fast enough for you to move your mouth!

But if he does cum and you don’t want swallow, you don’t have to spit it out in a way that projects that you are disgusted! Come on! Don’t hurt his feelings!

So basically, these are some of the things you need to bear in mind before and during oral sex! Feeling like a Masters Student in it already huh?

But don’t forget….Be SAFE!!!! STIs ARE REAL!!

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