6 Types Of TA’s You Will Definitely Meet In UCC

Just like students at the University of Cape Coast, their Teaching Assistants come in different forms.

We have listed 6 types of TA’s we have identified from UCC. If you know, you know and would probably agree with us. Let’s get on with the list, shall we?.

The Hot One.
The Kofi Siriboe or Zac Efron type of TA and the super sexy, hour glass-figure type. They only distributed course outline and disclosed where they could be located at the department if you had any difficulties. You went there with a copy of the outline and said you didn’t understand the course outline. Mmm bra !!! you don’t understand the course outline sen???? The hot ones can make you do things you naa you no go bab afterwards.

The Super Friendly one.
T.A bi 3de oo. These kinda TA makes you want to come lectures every day. The joy in your heart when the lecturer is unable to come and the T.A is to lecture, you wish the lecturer attends all his/her meetings and leave you with the TA for the whole semester. You dey there and crack jokes with super friendly TA, exams is fast approaching.

The Lazy One.
We shouldn’t probably be saying this but God!! Some TA’s can be lazy, AAAABA!!!!!. Projector is never working, teaching too aa hmmm!!!!, Always turns up late for class and is more eager to leave earlier than the students. Aaaahhh well!!!

The Flirts.
Some TA’s too are taking the distin as the distin. So because there’s WiFi they want to download everything on the internet. We aint saying much here but we bet you too have realized same.

The TA Who doesn’t know he is a TA 

Lecturer starts missing a few lectures, there norr TA figure he is the lecturer.  he goes like…

“Take pieces of paper, we are having a quiz.” “Come and see me at the department for your assignment”  “Leave my class!” “Shut up!”

Oh lord!

The fashion “killas”
This is both positive and negative. Charley…come and see colour blocking. He rocks a pink suit, a white Kasper shirt, brown shoe, yellow belt, green socks and kills it with a stunning purple tie. Lmaaaoooo they have you wondering if you got lost at a festival in Mexico. Or you know he/she intends slaying and actually slays the room like that.

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