10 Types Of Lecturers You Would Find In UCC


Lecturers, lecturers, lecturers!!! What are we going to do without our dear and beloved lecturers?
Their diversity is just something else. However, Kuulpeeps has categorized the types of lecturers we have on campus and hmmm!!! Well! Let’s have a look at some lecturers we have on the UCC campus.

The overly punctual kinda lecturers-These kinda lecturers operate in a different realm charley. No room for GMT (Ghana man time) ohh. When they say 6 am, it is 6 am and you’ll come and find them sitting in the lecture theatres waiting for the students. Makes most of the students wonder if they even have a life, kids and a wife or husband. Like AHH!!!

The old schools- These are hard to deal with, always giving you the “during my time speech”. Hoh! They uphold their old systems so much so that they want us to also follow the same pattern. Left to them ehh anka they would be whipping our asses.

The delegators-As for these lecturers, you can go a whole semester and you won’t even know he was your lecturer for a course you took. They give almost everything to the T.A’s and attend to their personal business. If you’re fortunate enough you’ll see him once or twice before the semester ends. Even starting a mutual relationship with them koraa is hard. You’ll be like Sir, “what’s your name please”, he’ll answer, “Ask my T.A”. Lol!! Eeeeiiii – what kinda thingy is this one too.

The attire sensitive kinda lecturers-Dressing officially is a good thing, no two ways about that. But the way some lecturers are very particular about it erh, hoh. With this Ghana weather and the not so good state of our lecture theatres, they expect students to wear a suit and tie in such conditions, like stuffed chicken in an oven. Things become even harder for our ladies who want to show some skin… Flaunt it if you got it but these lecturers be like naa not when I still have alive.

The assignment lovers- Students come to such classes anticipating an assignment. Like you get so used to it that hearing others complain about the few assignments they’ve been given makes you give them the “I’ll kill you” kinda look. These lecturers delight in giving assignments and I’m not talking about a page or two Ohh, they give them in multiples of 5. These assignments are to be printed and you can print saa sometimes you’d have second thoughts of buying a printer or becoming an author. These lecturers never disappoint, they can send a WhatsApp note around that he/she has given an assignment even on a holiday.

The detractors- Charley, you wouldn’t want to be caught dead in their grips. Answer a question wrongly or ask an “unimportant” question and you’re toast. They’ll make you the subject for the better part of the lecture. They can ruin your day for you and in extreme cases, the whole semester. They’re naturally born trolls and don’t hesitate to show off their prowess. Imagine a lecturer telling his class that, “When I teach you and you don’t understand, go and look into your destiny”

The Real MVPs- Some lecturers know wossop roff. They relate well with students and don’t overburden them. You’ll find them at the very popular student’s joints, during hall/department week celebrations etc. They have a great sense of humour and a good fashion sense as well. They’re like us (students) – just older. They understand our flaws and are always ready to help. God bless you kinda lecturers’ wati.

The finest ones- These ones just dey bee Charley. Them fine pass your bae sef – on the real Chaleyyy they could be that super, fine and would win the face of lecturers on campus if there’s ever a thing like that.

The terminators- These one demma matter hard pass. They always give the students the chills, with strict faces and no room for emotions. If they say do this and you don’t, you’re dead my guy. And when they happen to be selling pamphlets or books de3 – who are you to say I won’t buy or I already have a copy – (Gyama wo Yale – in lil win’s voice)

The wolf in sheep’s clothing- They are so sweet and nice when they begin the course with us. Giving us the “I’m a cool fella vibe” – they don’t complain a lot about students behaviour or attitudes in class. They just smile on – only God knows what they’re cooking in their minds when the thing goes skraa you naa you go see. Like during quizzes, you wonder if it’s not the same lecturer that has been smiling at you. The way he/she can frown ehh!!

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