Meet Kwame Dabie; A Rapper in KNUST

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If I tell you that KNUST has and will produce some of the best artistes in Ghana, you have to believe, no doubts about it! We had some time with our very own Nasty C some time ago; this time around we are bringing to you another hot rapper. Lemme not bore you with all this. Relax, sip a drink and scroll down. Leggo….

Kuulpeeps: Tell us more about yourself

Kwame Dabie: Okay, so I am Nana Kwame Dabie, currently in my second year and offering BSc. Development Planning in KNUST. I’m based in Tema. Music is everything around me.

Kuulpeeps: Why do you choose to do music out of everything?

Kwame Dabie: I feel music is the only way I can speak into the minds and souls of people.

Kuulpeeps: What is your style of music?

Kwame Dabie: RAP RAP. Anything concerning Rap!!!

Kuulpeeps: I personally can feel your love for rap. But why do you choose rap over the other genres of music?

Kwame Dabie: With rap, you get the chance to talk about a lot of stuff in just a verse or a song as a whole than the others.

Kuulpeeps: How long have you been into music and how many records so far?

Kwame Dabie: Ermm, I had the love for this thing at a very early age. I used to record gems with Mennel on our own with Audacity *laughs* back then in TEPAS. I hit my first studio session back then in JHS. I released my studio EP, SMALL TIME somewhere last year. It contains tracks like Opeimu, I Dey Cool, We Don’t Roll and others.

Kuulpeeps: What inspires your choice of lyrics?

Kwame Dabie: The things I see, people around me, places I visit and the things I listen to.

Kuulpeeps: How do you promote your music?

Kwame Dabie: For now, just through Twitter, Whatsapp Broadcast messages and the likes. My boys just take control of that for me.

Kuulpeeps: Is there any upcoming artiste you have featured before?

Kwame Dabie: Yeah, not just one, soon to blow artistes; Mennel, FJace, Kiddfresh, Khobby Phlo.e, Henry_ix and some other dope guys.

Kuulpeeps: If you are given a chance to produce a song with any known artiste, who would you choose and why?

Kwame Dabie: Omar Sterling (God bless this), this dude understands what goes on behind the mic. FOKN boys, Mugeez, MDK…..

Kuulpeeps: How do you intend to influence the youth with your music?

Kwame Dabie: I want to use music to easily get to the youth, share my positive thoughts on stuff going on and try to get us on the right path. There’s an old adage, “you are what you eat” meaning whatever thing you consume has a direct impact on you. I want to use my music to inspire my listeners and have direct positive impacts on their lives.

Kuulpeeps: Are your family in support of this?

Kwame Dabie: My dad and the rest are just okay, they see nothing wrong with it. But the woman, charley unless she sees the money coming *laughs*

Kuulpeeps: Are there any challenges so far, especially with your academics?

Kwame Dabie: I don’t actually find problems fusing the music with my academics; I just have to make sure my results are very good.

Kuulpeeps: How is your social life; are you the fun type or the typical indoor guy?

Kwame Dabie: Lol, I’m the fun type. I try to make myself happy whenever I get any little chance. Being around other people having fun and interacting with them gives me vibes when I’m alone in bed with my pen and paper.

Kuulpeeps: Let’s get a little personal, do you have a girlfriend?

Kwame Dabie: Une femme.

Kuulpeeps: Haha, no chances. Are there any upcoming songs we should expect from you??

Kwame Dabie: You should be expecting something big very very soon.

Kuulpeeps: Are you planning on focusing on music after school?

Kwame Dabie: Yeah, I’m going to put more effort and time into it. We never backing out!!!!



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