Ghana Police Service Praised On Facebook For Its Rapid Response To An Active Robbery Situation

Ghana Police
A police armoured tank barricades the main road leading to the headquaters of the Ghanaian Electoral Commission before the commission announced the final results of the presidential and parliamentary elections in Accra on December 10, 2008. The country's security forces said they were stepping up security as part of its post-election plan to keep law and order -- mounting check points along main streets in the capital and increase joint police and military patrols, said police spokesman Kwesi Ofori. AFP PHOTO PIUS UTOMI EKPEI

Yeah, we love to bash our Ghanaian institutions, especially the men and women in the Ghana Police Service.

Charley, they are everybody’s punching bag and the rampant armed robbery cases early this year didn’t help much.

Not to talk of their occasional brush with civilians.

But according to a Facebook user, Jessica Kekeli Abudey, the Ghana Police Service did save her family from being robbed.

“Wow… Ghana Police has really surprised me… my family and I were almost robbed at home and just a low key call to 191 with my home address and direction… armed policemen with two patrol cars arrived in less than 10minutes… We thank God for our lives and secondly to the police… I’m so grateful…,” yes that’s a testimony that the 191 call service really does work.

Ghana Police

But you know that some Ghanaians are too pessimistic of the Police so any praise of them hurrying to an active crime scene cannot be accepted.

Ghana Police

So people started saying that the police were probably very near to her house, that’s why they got to Jessica’s house that fast.

Ghana Police

But Jessica is not allowing people to turn her desire to appreciate the police into another avenue to bash the police.

“Let me clear the air about this “they were just around the corner thing” for security purposes I can’t disclose where I live but you don’t wanna know where these two different patrol teams came from,” she said.

Ghana Police

“And even if they were around my corner, I just called 191 in a very low key, gave the lady directions and however she was very attentive and gave these directions to two different patrol teams from different locations. See I thought my family and I were finished last night because I didn’t even think 191 will respond to my call,” her Facebook post continues.

Ghana Police

“But God is great. Ghana Police hmmmm God bless them paaa … at least some are responsible and good at their job. They didn’t even take a pesewa when they were leaving…. they stayed around for some time to make sure we were safe. They took it upon themselves to comfort my very scared mum. Please I think my confidence in the police system is way up again 😇”

Keep the good work coming, Ghana Police.

Ghana Police, at your door in less than 10 minutes…lol

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