Meet SASA, The Biggest Talents Group in KNUST

Kuulpeeps! We are bringing to you something different this time around.  Have you heard about SASA already?If not then i think you are missing out on something great! We had a little convo with this group and you will be equally amazed with the different talents it has.


Kuulpeeps: Can you guys tell us something about yourselves and the role you play in SASA?

Li: I’m Kweku Li Diaw, everyone else calls me Li or the Beast. I’m a third year Biology student and a Spoken Word Artist in SASA.

Jojo: I’m Michael Jojo Aidoo, you can just call me Jojo. I’m a third year Telecommunications Engineering student and a Spoken Word Poet/ Singer in SASA.

Kobs: My name is Anokye Nkansah but most people call me Kobs. I’m a third year Materials Engineering student and a Spoken Word Artist in SASA.

Kuulpeeps: What is SASA?

Li: SASA is an acronym for Speakers Artistes Singers Association which is a confluence of Christian Creatives who fundamentally build and grow their various art forms to Make A Difference. We basically believe our talent is for a God given purpose.

Jojo: This doesn’t mean we don’t talk about other issues. We talk about political, social, emotional issues among other topics. We try and tackle it from a Godly point of view.

Kuulpeeps: So basically, your main aim is to recruit people and help bring out the talents in them?

Li: We don’t necessarily recruit people; everyone is free to join us. But yeah, we help bring out talents which are everything and not just what people are limited to.

Jojo: We just want to make people aware of how far they can go with their talents with God as a reference. There are so any diverse talents in SASA.

Kuulpeeps: So how long has SASA been in existence and who is/are the founder(s)?

Li: This year marks 7 years in August and the founder is Selorm Tamakloe (David Tamsey) with Emma Ofosua Donkor and Solomon Otoo serving as board of directors. They are all currently in Accra handling SASA Accra.

Kuulpeeps: 7 years? Wow. It hasn’t been easy then.

Jojo: Most people think we are a secret sect or something for some strange reasons.

Kuulpeeps: So that means SASA is not just in KNUST but other campuses too?

Li: For now it is only in KNUST and Accra, we’re hoping to start a seed in Legon and Ashesi after having shows there last year and this year.

Kuulpeeps: How many people do you have in SASA KNUST and what are the some of the talents?

Jojo: We are somewhere between 30 and 35 regular members. There are photographers, videographers, painters, stage crafters, entrepreneurs, bloggers, musicians who compose their own songs, instrumentalists, writers, spoken word artist, set designers and a whole lot more.


Kobs: And comedians too *laughs*. The atmosphere is just too much. All our fliers and short videos we put out are all in-house produced. In SASA, we fully utilize everyone’s field of expertise so we barely seek outside help on things like that.

Kuulpeeps: That’s a nice initiative, at least no one feels left out in anything. How do you guys put SASA out there?

Jojo: We reach out to others through shows, stickers and social media.

Li: As Jojo said, through social media. And we have yearly shows in Accra as well. We have had a lot of shows; Roots, Seasons, Keep Digging, True Stories, Tailored to Fit, Live Recording and MAD.

Kobs: We go out to minister when invited, that, we get a lot. We put our content on our YouTube channel too.

Kuulpeeps: What are some of the challenges you face? Any achievement?

Li: For the achievements, last year in the history of the family, we pulled of the biggest show with a record of 537 people at the Law Auditorium which literally almost filled the place.

Kobs: For some of the challenges, since it is a non-denominational group, sometimes conflicting doctrines bring controversies. Everyone and what they believe and practice so coming together sometimes comes with a lot of subtle misunderstanding with respect to Bible Studies and major ideologies together as a unit.

Li: Challenges, I mean when we say we are fundamentally about Christ, people assume you are coming to quote Bible Scriptures to them. Some people are usually skeptical and all till they sit in our general meeting or experience our various sessions to really understand what the family is about.

Kuulpeeps: Are there any shows we should expect again from you guys?

Li: Yeah we are having Urban Lights on the 7th of April at CCB Auditorium, the 2nd chapter of MAD which stands for Make A Difference. If you have seen anything with the tag “MAD Squad”, that’s us!

Kuulpeeps: Now this is general question; what are your general ideas about the youth and the talents God has given to them?

Li: I believe everything we have comes from God. Responsibility comes down to the impact that we want to make with it. Our generation is a different breed, we have basically gone over and beyond most of the traditions we came to meets. It gives us an idea that our impact range is on a domino effect trajectory and so the youth has a substantial amount of energy to make crazy differences with their talents…

Kuulpeeps: That’s a nice piece. Wishing you guys the best in your upcoming program. Before we end, anyone mind sharing a freestyle? *winks*

Kobs: This young cat is ready to give you what’s left in your right senses for lacking cognition to define these cognitive functions assigned to your cerebellum. Mind you, I’m here to provoke your reasoning. Evening comes before morning and the same way morning comes before evening! But it’s not the same when you interchange the counterfeit in a way so phoney! Kindly circle that.

Jojo: So my mind’s blank. Don’t expect the words of this sharp tongue to cut you. Even still I want to know if you bleed pretty, because mama said beauty is skin deep. Cry for sharp words, Bleed for none because pretty hurts.

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