Meet The Genius Male Make Up Artist In KNUST

Imagine a guy who makes himself up as a lady does, that sounds weird, right? What about a male make-up artiste? Well, you shouldn’t be surprised at this one because we have found one whose skills can sweep you off your feet! I mean, this is not ordinary! Chale relax and enjoy this convo with the hottest male make-up artiste.


Kuulpeeps: Hello Jonathan!

Jonathan: Hiiii

Kuulpeeps: Can you please tell us more about yourself?

Jonathan: I am Jonathan Buah, a very fun and easy going person who never stops pushing until he reaches what he’s aiming at. I am second year Industrial Arts student and the first child of a family of 6.

Kuulpeeps: Makeup is something that is most at times associated with girls. Regarding this, why did you as a male choose to do makeup?

Jonathan: Wow, this question! Well, I believe that if you have a passion you chase it. Growing up with my grandma who loves makeup, I couldn’t do much but learn from her. Makeup has always been a part of me growing up, so I decided to take it to a next level since I love it.

Kuulpeeps: When did you realize that makeup and style was something that you wanted to do?

Jonathan: Like I said before, it has been with me since childhood, just that I have mastered it now.

Kuulpeeps: How do you promote your make up business?

Jonathan: I generally promote it through social media. I also run a YouTube channel, Jonathaninstyle, and it is the same handle on Instagram as well Jonathaninstyle. It’s still growing but I believe it will become something big.

Kuulpeeps: What are the challenges and achievements so far?

Jonathan: The challenges are a lot, being a male make-up artiste was difficult at the initial stage, I mean very difficult, but with God who strengthens us I’m still in it and making things happen. For achievements, I have learnt to build self-confidence, grow followers across globes and get brand sponsorships.

Kuulpeeps: Are your parents cool about this?

Jonathan: My family is 100% supportive.

Kuulpeeps: Have you had the chance to make up any celebrity since you started?

Jonathan: Yeah, when I started, I was a makeup artist for a movie which featured Ama K. Abebrese, and I had the chance to make up Martha Daniels of Miss Malaika 2014. I have also done a couple of looks for some upcoming celebs for their music video shoots.

Kuulpeeps: Has your makeup and style placed you anywhere on the social media ladder?

Jonathan: Huge! If I have to say, the love I receive from social media conquers all the hate, and this has helped me to aim high.

Kuulpeeps: Is there a particular trend of makeup you are into? Or you are a generalized makeup artiste?

Jonathan: Dear, I do everything makeup, including special effects.

Kuulpeeps: I strongly believe you have heard rumours about you being gay, how true is this and how do you treat such negative vibes from people?

Jonathan: Being gay isn’t an insult, its one’s opinion and sexuality, so it doesn’t really bother me that much when I hear people saying that.

Kuulpeeps:  Do you have a girlfriend????

Jonathan: Noooooooooooooooooooo!! *laughs hard*

Kuulpeeps: Well that’s a big No! Do you plan on taking this passion of yours to another level after school?

Jonathan: I have huge plans of taking my makeup career to the next level. All I ask is God’s strength and wisdom.

Kuulpeeps: It was nice having you around.Thank you!

Jonathan: Welcome and thank you too. Love you!





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