4 Advantages Of Moving Back Home After University

Whether you went to university far away from home or close to home, whenever it’s time for you to move back home completely after school you have some sort of mixed feelings.

All because you are an “adult” and this is the time to spread your wings and explore but keep calm.

Moving back home actually has some benefits which you need to take a look at.

You Will Find It Easier To Save

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Living in a country where landlords prefer to take 2/3 years advance of rent before you are able to have a place to put your head, you should know that living with your parents is the smartest thing you can do after school. You get to save on the “disgustingly” expensive rent charges, utility bills and even feeding yourself. It just means you can save some money out of your incoming NSS allowance and use that to get yourself a nice apartment later in the future. Don’t be in a hurry to move out after school because the streets hard forget the stunting on social media.


You will have an Existing Support System

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After school, you will not have all your friends around you like you do in school. The likelihood of losing touch with more than half of them is very high. You will just have a few loyal ones around you and that is fine. Coupled with the experiences of your older siblings and other family members, you will be able to go through the harsh realities of life that you are about to embrace a lot easier with all of these people around you who are going to give you genuine advice. It’s even easier to warm up to them and approach them with your problems because you have an existing relationship with them.


You can easily align your Career Goals with the Job Market Available in Your City

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Depending on where you grew up, you are easily able to determine the jobs that are available there and depending on what your career goal is you can know where to go to. What makes it easier is you will definitely find one familiar person in those places who can help you find a job there. Imagine however if you had moved somewhere else. You will now have to go round and be asking what goes on in every building you see and now figure out who you will befriend there……STRESS!!!!!!!!!!!!


You don’t have to worry about Navigation because you know your Way Around

This is the most obvious, but probably most beneficial, reason to stay home and not move out after school. Having a comfort level with your surroundings immediately takes away some of the stress of starting adulthood and can help boost one’s confidence. When you move to a different place, everything feels new, and the adjustment period can be as long as a year or two. Yet when you take that unfamiliarity out of the equation, the only major thing that will take time adjusting to is your job itself, which will increase your focus and take your mind off of the distractions all around you, because you don’t have to worry about missing your junction or meeting the curfew of your landlord and all that.

School will be over soon and life starts. For those of you who are considering moving out of your home, you might probably want to consider these before you make your final decisions.



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