#UCCDecides: A List Of Some Of The Most Interesting Themes And Teams For This Election

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This month of March, UCC students will decide who gets to head various positions for the next academic year. By now, you should have encountered the nicely dressed, super humble-door knocking aspirants making themselves known.  If you haven’t, probably then you have encountered them on social media (WhatsApp) as they send their long and well-crafted motivational messages, good morning messages, good afternoon messages and a host of other messages reflecting the current occasion with subtly written names and agendas.

According to the election calendar, campaigns haven’t started yet so they are just embarking on what they call, AWARENESS CREATION. Yup, for now, they are just creating awareness.

So we asked students for some of the most interesting team names and themes of the aspirants in the imminent election.

Sir Henry- Valco Hall President

Boafo) ne Awurade meaning God is definitely our help

Team wer-u-wer. – Valco Hall Treasurer

Lol, that’s the name of the team… team ‘’wer-u-wer’’ and they even have an interesting theme- Sikasem no ye Safe.

Team ‘’NAA OO NAA’’ – Src Presidential Aspirant

She’s the only female SRC aspirant for this year’s election

Team Aziz- the TEA Agenda

Well looks like someone would be serving tea in this election.  He’s gunning for the position of SRC president.

Team Abosti- SRC President

Abotsi is my guy, Harriette is my girl. Of course, if Abosti is your guy, Harriette is…….

‘’Team Sapee’’ Casford Hall President

Nyame ne Hene…

‘’Team Kingsley, ‘’TK’’- Src President

Think victory, the TK represents think not Team Kingsley. Hmm!!

Team Raiser. – SRC President.

Yeepegya mu… Yeah they want to raise standards. They even have a song out for their campaign.


That’s our roundup of some of the most interesting team names and agendas for what promises to be a highly competitive election.

Do you think any team or theme has got an even interesting name and wasn’t included? Feel free to comment with the team name and theme.

KUULPEEPS has got you covered on all the updates and juicy filla that may come up during this years election. Watch this space for every update.


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