OPINION PIECE: Is Ebony’s Memory Becoming A “Cash Cow” For Ogee The MC?


To say that no one was affected by the death of the 90’s Bad Gyal will plainly be saying she didn’t make the impact that she clearly made.

Everyone expressed some amount of emotion be it, lovers or haters.

Aside from her family and management, the next person to be very much affected by her death will be this young man.


Bright Danquah, popularly known as OgeeThe MC was practically the shadow of Ebony. He was much more than just a “hypeman” for Ebony. Clearly, the two shared a special bond, especially since he was the one who introduced Ebony to Bullet.

To say he has been instrumental in the career of Ebony will be an understatement.

I cannot say I feel his pain but I understand what he is going through and I sympathize with him


But then again is the display of grief not getting a little too much?

I get the tribute concert part. There are a lot of stakeholders involved. Her colleagues in the industry want to pay their last respects and the governing music body, MUSIGA,  alongside the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Arts are also playing an active role to make sure that happens.

GTP has introduced two wax prints onto the market and this was officially launched at the West Hills Mall with family present.


What I can’t seem to understand however is the solo movement of OgeetheMC?

A website??

And it’s all him??? Just him?? Could her management be low-key involved???

But if Ogee sells his t-shirts where are the proceeds going??

Was he making that much or that little as Ebony’s “hypeman” while she was alive?

So much so that he will want to make as much as he can with her memory before Ghanaians move on (that is if they haven’t already)?

I am even conflicted about what the real purpose of the website is since 50% of the menu items give the feedback: COMING SOON!

I don’t have all the answers yet and that’s why I am throwing the question for you to tell me what you think.

Is Ogee doing all of this for his personal gain?


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