Meet These Super Amazing Photographers From UCC

ucc blue lens studios
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We found the Kuulpeeps behind UCC’s photo group The Blue Lens Studios, Bright Kobina and his brother Walihu.

We had a chat with them to find out how they are able to bring their amazing pictures to life so easily. Bright spoke on behalf of the group.

ucc blue lens studios

KuulpeepsUCC: Good Afternoon… so let’s start by telling us something about yourself.

Bright: My name is Bright, a level 300 B.ED Accounting Student of UCC

KuulpeepsUCC: How did you get into photography?

Bright: Well, I should say I’ve always admired the camera. I, however, had my first photo-shoot in 2015 with a Tecno phone (laughs), then, later on, I bought my first camera.

KuulpeepsUCC: How did you finance that purchase?

Bright: Walihu and I used our hostel fees to buy the camera and some other equipment hmm!!

KuulpeepsUCC: Looks like there is more to it… What happened after that?

Bright: (Laughs) we begged the hostel manager to accommodate us… he did give us a room at a very reduced rate…. then the unexpected happened…

KuulpeepsUCC: Unexpected???

Bright: We woke up one day and robbers had taken everything we owned. Our phones, laptops and our very new cameras. Life was hard… no food, no cameras to make a living … hmm!!! This life!!

ucc blue lens studios

KuulpeepsUCC: oh sorry guys…How did you help yourselves after that?

Bright: Fortunately on our side and unfortunately for the robbers, they left one camera behind, so we were able to take some shots for shegey reasons… friends also helped us out. They heard about our situation and they donated what they could to help us.

KuulpeepsUCC: What motivates you?

Bright: Everyday life is a major motivation, the birth of a new day is my source of motivation, Life goes on until the day we all die.

KuulpeepsUCC: How do you balance school with photography?

Bright: For now its photography 70% and school 30%.

KuulpeepsUCC: That’s some kind of a percentage, how are you faring academically?

Bright: It’s challenging but we are still here. I think honestly that school can always wait but opportunities aren’t always around. If I get any major breakthrough with the photography I’ll put the school on hold.

KuulpeepsUCC: Are your parents supportive of your work?

Bright: I have lost both my mom and dad, but they will definitely be proud of me now.

KuulpeepsUCC: What’s your most favourite work?

Bright:  I don’t have a personal favourite oo…

KuulpeepsUCC: Have you worked with any popular brands?

Bright: We’ve worked with Kofi Kinaata and we have an amazing project with Too Sweet Annan coming up.

KuulpeepsUCC: There’s this thing that photographers get the girls mostly nowadays. How true is that?

Bright: (laughs) Well, we keep things really professional. This is our life if we take play we are dead.

KuulpeepsUCC: Will you do a nude shoot?

Bright: Not really… no, I think I won’t… I’ve had nude concepts before but complete nudes… naa!! It was a concept we had, the pic is on our Instagram page @BlueLensStudios.

ucc blue lens studios

KuulpeepsUCC: What is your main goal? And by what timelines do you want your goals to be achieved?

Bright: In the next two years, I hope to have established my very own photo studio.

KuulpeepsUCC: We wish you all the best!

Bright: Thank you guys for having me.

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