Let’s Tell You Why You Didn’t Hear Of Other Hall Weeks In Tech This Past Week


If you weren’t on Tech campus last weekend then we must say you missed a lot!

From Epilogo to UABA to all the other parties, Kumasi was the place to be!

One other thing that brought so many people to KNUST was the Hall Weeks or should we say Repu Hall Week.

We can all recollect that all hall weeks in Kumasi were to happen in the same week.

That said, most of the halls decided to keep their Hall Week celebrations as low key as they could.

This is because you can’t send a bird to do a monkey’s work.

Repu is the best when it comes to hall week celebrations.

Asking all other halls to have their celebrations the same week was suicidal.

No one was going to pay attention to the other halls.

And that was exactly what happened!

Maybe you didn’t realize it but all other halls in Tech had their celebrations last weekend too.

So we went around asking the hall executives why they had to keep their celebrations low key aside Repu outshining them.

We started from Queens Hall and their Welfare Chairman, Bro Kweku told us that because they didn’t want any conflicts with Repu, they had their major celebrations on Tuesday and Wednesday, with Strongman performing at their Fun Night on Wednesday.

Earlier, the Indece President had told Kuulpeeps.com that the hall week celebrations were cut short because the hall didn’t have enough funds for a huge hall week. That said, the hall only had a music night on Friday and cooking competition on Saturday.

There weren’t many activities going on at the Africa Hall as only a couple of stands were set in front of the hall.

Both Conti and Katanga Halls celebrated their hall week and they both crowned it with their ‘Power Night’ on Friday.

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