Your Social Media Posts Could Get Your US Visa Application Denied

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

People, if you were at Social Media Week last year, you would have learned about how social media is that important to opening opportunities.

You would have also known that what happens on social media, doesn’t stay on social media – it goes offline and affects us.

Nana Aba Anamoah was there to tell her story about how social media got her to resign from TV3.

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Well, now what you post on social media could be that thing that stands in-between you and a US Visa.

Yep, your US visa application will be influenced by what you post on social media.

That is because the Trump administration plans to require immigrants applying to visit the United States to submit five years of social media history, it announced Thursday, setting up a potential scouring of their Twitter and Facebook histories.

The move follows the administration’s emphasis on “extreme vetting” of would-be immigrants to the US, and is an extension of efforts by the previous administration to more closely scrutinize social media.

According to notices submitted by the State Department, the government plans to require nearly all visa applicants to the US to submit five years of social media handles for specific platforms identified by the government — and with an option to list handles for other platforms not explicitly required.

In addition to requiring the five years of social media history, the application will also ask for previous telephone numbers, email addresses, prior immigration violations and any family history of involvement in terrorist activities, according to the notice.

The move by the Trump administration stops short of requiring passwords or access to those social media accounts, although then-Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly suggested last year that it was being considered.

The administration has been pursuing “extreme vetting” of foreigners as a centrepiece of its immigration and national security policy, including through the contentious travel ban that remains the subject of heavy litigation.

Just be smart about social media, Kuulpeeps.

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