TTU: Meet Ahmed Tijjani Kassim Whose “Kloding Line” Is Booming On Campus

As the saying goes ‘the one who climbs a good tree is the one who deserves to be pushed’. Here is a young entrepreneur who is combining his academics with running a fashion business in the Takoradi Technical University.

Ahmed Tijjani Kassim, a second-year textile technology student who has a clothing line he calls “Kloding Line” is fast becoming a student favourite. He gets orders from off-campus too.

‘The critical ingredient is getting off your butt and doing something. It’s as simple as that. A lot of people have ideas, but there are few who decide to do something about them now. Not tomorrow. Not next week. But today. The true entrepreneur is a doer, not a dreamer,” Ahmed told in an interview.

Those are the real vibe of the young African Entrepreneur and has the idea of adding greater value to a normal T-shirt which is highly modified with a great phrase that helps to motivate people.

Phrases such as “God First Mum Next”, “God Got Me”, “Loyalty”, “I’m Great”, “Legal Hustler” and so on are creatively designed onto the T-Shirts.

Kuulpeeps TTU: Tijjani or TJ which one do you prefer to be called by?

Tijani: Any of them. I’m cool with any.

Kuulpeeps TTU: So how do you combine your work and academics?

TJ: It’s not easy especially when your work sometimes wants to put pressure on your academics, but with Allah by our side we are able to beat the academic standard of GPA. That’s not to say I’m a “shark” but I believe God got me.

Kuulpeeps TTU: We heard you have been nominated for campus base tv awards.

TJ: Yes

Kuulpeeps TTU: Which category?

TJ: I got nominated for campus Base awards in the categories of Best student  Radio Presenter of the year and Best Student Entrepreneur of the year. I think what I would say about all these wonders, is that God is Alive and if one should put his Faith in Allah and never give up, someday all your positive dreams would be a reality Insha Allah.

Kuulpeeps TTU: What has been your motivation?

TJ: My biggest motivation is my late mum and my dad, as a matter of fact, ever since I lost my mum, my dad has become my mum and dad at the same time. He is my second God. In fact, he is the only person who genuinely knows me. He is highly understanding and never discourages me, he believes in me, he is my best friend. I always pray to Allah is make my father live long to see and to enjoy the fruit of his labour. His name is Alhaji Kassim Sofo.

Kuulpeeps TTU: Have you encountered any challenges so far?

TJ: I see challenges to be lessons mostly. With my work, I come across a lot of “friendnemies” (friends who are enemies) who would pretend they like you but they would be tarnishing your image to others.

Kuulpeeps TTU: Thanks for your time TJ.

He tells us that he would be launching his most anticipated clothing style called Tijani Clasiks 13 of April 2017 in Takoradi.

Kindly support him by purchasing his clothing worldwide by contacting TijaniKloding Company
On +233 556468660 or +233 261675225. Or kindly check the company out on Instagram @Tijanikloding and on Facebook @TIJANI KLODING.

Worldwide delivery is assured!!

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