5 Reasons Why You Need An Internship This Vacation


So you want to have an internship, why? Don’t say it’s because all your friends are doing some.

Internships are not small deals, you get thrown into the real-life work environment and you are paid “absolutely nothing”

Still interested? Read on.

So an internship is a real-time job undertaken by a student in order to learn about a job or something related.

It’s a cool affair. Apart from dressing formal and interacting with the office workers. You actually get to learn a lot.

Here are some important benefits of getting an internship.

1. Gain experience for that future job:
Nowadays companies want someone with 2 years experience or more before they get employed. How is a fresh university graduate going to battle that out? Well, one or more internships at a bigger company would be some points added to your portfolio. A fresh graduate with internship experiences from different places can turn out to be a lot more valuable than others. It gives you the experience of being in the working sector. It’s not about the job. It’s about the experience (remember that).

2. Get evidence of your abilities :

It’s not just about doing them. It’s about “what shows”. No one is going to give you an entrance exam for a job. So what better way to show your skills than through an internship and boast about them on your CV.

3. Gain industry knowledge:

How many of us know how to use a printer, photocopier or scanner??. File documents and make reports?
That’s not something you learn at lectures. That’s something you learn at a job. At an internship. That’s where you get that learning experience. Don’t waste it.

4. Perfect Networking Experience:

You’re at an internship, not a prison. Hang around with the staff, the boss and boost your confidence. This is a place where you can get those contacts that would put you up there where you want to Be. This is a chance to make it work.

5. Possibly land a full-time job :

Do you like your company? Does your supervisor like you? Then you’re good to go! Keep working hard and keep doing you. One day you could get that position and finally get paid.

That’s our take on some benefits of internships. Now if you’re in Legon, it’s much easier now to get an official internship letter from the University. The online application is no longer required.
All you have to do is :

1. Pay GH₵10.00 for 3 copies of the Internship Letter at the University’s Cash Office. (It’s behind Commonwealth Hall and just before the Registry!) You’d be given a receipt.

2. Now head over to the Careers and Counselling Center with your receipt to get your internship/attachment letters.
Yeah, it’s instant and stress-free.

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