Take A Look At How A Shared Interest In Tea Began A Whole Business Venture

glug mugs

Some of us drink our beverages and just wash are mugs and hang them on the drainers.

Others also leave it for the house helps to tidy up and it ends there.

The story, however, is different for Andy Yakah and Araba Plange-Rhule. The National Service Person and the fourth-year medical student respectively after having their cup of tea didn’t just clean up their mugs but gave birth to an innovative business idea, Glug Mugs, that has been in existence for 8 months and counting.

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Glug according to them is an onomatopoeia (the pronunciation of how things sound) for when you swallow liquid. The sound that the throat makes when you drink anything was what gave them the idea to call the business Glug Mugs especially since they specialized in custom designed mugs.

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As to why they decided to do just mugs, for the time being, they explained that they realised that Ghanaians were very passionate about their tea.

If you walked into any typical Ghanaian home you will definitely see a container that had tea bags. They decided then to find a way to connect sentimental experiences to the daily habit of Ghanaians drinking tea.

For instance, reading the message from your loved one every morning before going to work or starting your day can be the difference between a great morning and a slow start of the day.

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The experience for them so far has been great. Currently, they have had the amazing opportunity of working with a lot of individuals but as time goes on they look forward to working with brands when they are given the opportunity.

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Their packages are pocket-friendly and very affordable as long as you can “glug”. The inspiration of Glug Mugs is the belief in experiences and always having something symbolic that captures the varied emotions everyone goes through in life.

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As time goes on they are looking at expanding the line to include a wide range of stuff but for now, they are going to keep that as a surprise.

For anyone who wants to contact Glug Mugs, you can do so via social media on

Facebook: Glug Mugs

Instagram: Glug Mugs

Twitter: Glug Mugs

Send them an email at [email protected] or call on 0244364421/0205570428

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