Night Life In Legon: What You Should Expect To See

You know those Instagram posts that go like, there are two kinds of Girls, which one are you?

Well, in Legon there are 7 kinds of people we’ve observed unless we’re missing out on something, we know this is legit!

For a typical Night in Legon, snubbing the flickering streetlights, take a walk by the Sarbah field and you would see some of the students, kneeling and reaching for the hallelujahs buried in their souls.

As weird as it may seem, the number of people on the field increase with the proximity to IA or examination period. Ayem shishi33. Lol

The second group of people we would like to call the Valedictorian Hopefuls. These are the people we find in the reading rooms, Balme Library or even better, 24 hour reading room!! They spend the whole night there and return to their rooms the next day, giving their roommates pressure. I mean the beginning of the semester and people are in the reading room. Please, what are you learning? Course Outline or Course Code?

Bread and egg sellers, indomie and the brukina sellers around CC, Legon Hall Annex and Akuafo are part of the night culture! During the night, you would see the boys especially, queued up, buying these foods. This is where you get to know that boys too are 3num d3! You’d see a boy frying two eggs, asking for sausage and sardine mixed with veggies! Eh bei?!!

We absolutely cannot write on a typical night in Legon and leave out the party-hard group! We think that the Uber company gets about 90% of its profit from Legon. There are those who stay indoors for the party to come to them, you’d see delivery cars and motors with boxes and boxes of pizza. Not leaving out ‘car-screechers’ who want to be heard because they just came back from having the night of their lives. How these people can make you run to your balcony because you thought it was an accident eh!! The day your fathers will catch you, we will be here…

Taking a stroll, hand in hand with Bae is the DISTIN of the night. For those who decide not to stroll, you’d find them sitting on lover’s benches, balconies, the famous Athletic Oval or even in cars chopping love, resting heads on shoulders and the rest. LOL if you know, you know!

The next would be the gnashing committee. Proud members of this committee would like you to believe that it is peaceful, although it can get a bit boring. They stay locked up in the room. They aren’t studying and neither are they sleeping. They may be talking to their roomies, playing games, roaming on Twitter or Instagram with the Wi-Fi, watching Grown-ish, or gossiping about one or two people.

There are some nights when even silence takes a vacation. These are nights that belong to the boys. They are either charging (Sheeing Jama) or teasing a girl who either got dropped off by a private car or is wearing something SPICY. But if both dier then stoooopp!!! And during the football season, you’d be hearing GOALLL from all the Tv rooms on campus!

So if you are a newbie or visitor, wondering what the nightlife on Legon Campus is like, well, here you go. And Hey Kuulpeeps!!, Which category do you belong to?

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