8 Useful Apps Every Student Should Have On Their Phones

Apps…where will we be without apps? From social media apps to picture editing apps to music apps… we can’t just do without them.

But hey we are in school, so we need apps that are productive and can help us learn. Not everyday Snapchat! Go sit close to the wifi router cos by the time you’re done, we promise you’d see something you like!


1. Grammarly

Do you have an essay you need to write? A story to finish? A report to submit? A love letter to send? And you’re scared of exposing your “gbaa”? Not to worry. Grammarly is here. This awesome app checks your language and your grammar as you go and points out errors and suggests corrections. ‘But wait, my Microsoft Word does that already!!’ you may wonder, well this baby does better, it gives you reasons why you must correct your grammar and guides you as you correct a two-page essay. Now can your Word do that?

2. Photomath

Your numeracy assignments just got easier! Photomath is an app that solves your mathematical problems for you. Just turn on the app, point your camera towards the printed math question and see the magic. No time for that? Just type it in the app and the answer comes (with the working)!!

3. Camscanner

Don’t you just hate it when you take pictures of some passco and your China phone’s camera messes up the image so you can’t really see the texts? Just download and turn on camscanner and convert your pictures of paper documents into pdf files.

4. Pocketbook

Seriously, you need this. This ebook reader can read any type of file and has awesome features to make your reading experience fun. It even has an audio reader so you can relax with your earpiece while your slides are read to you.

5. Microsoft OneNote

Looking for an app to take notes in an innovate and beautiful manner with all kinds of amazing features? This is it.

6. Duolingo

Want to learn a new language in a fun and awesome manner? Duolingo gives you the best language learning experience that your 3-hour lecture class can’t.

7. Forest

We all seriously need this!! Are you addicted to your phone? Can’t spend a few seconds without it? Forest is a one of a kind app. This is like a game where you get to grow a virtual forest on your phone based on how long you leave it alone!! So if you need to concentrate on that assignment or you need to study, just log in and get more points just by leaving the phone alone! No distractions.

8. Wunderlist

The perfect assistant. This app helps you stay on track with you your to-do list, reminders, your shopping list, event reminders, lecture and tutorial reminders, anything. This app keeps you on track of it all.

So there you have it, these are apps you definitely need on your phone, the social media and games are enough, time for something productive.

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