5 Struggles Only Level 400 Students Can Relate To

Final year in the university is one hell of a year. Very scary and yet exciting. It comes with a lot of butterflies in the tummy, especially when you don’t know what the hell you’ll be doing after the last paper is written.

Here are 5 struggles you need to be in level 400 before you can relate to them:

Get that first class: This family members you don’t even know will start calling you asking you to finish hard. Not to talk of your own family, friends, roommates and churchmates. What’s worse is you can’t even see the length and breadth of your GPA.

The special someone: So, all the time everyone at church told you not to date in school but focus on your education and blah blah blah. Was it for play enh? Now all of a sudden, your mum is making hints, asking in the weirdest ways if you have a boyfriend or girlfriend cos you’re “of age” now.

Money: You’re already broke thinking about all the money you’re about to not have. Your parents aren’t going to dish out money anymore and they’re already making it seem you’d help get them to retirement with your National Service money.

A degree is not everything: You were so happy you were coming to Uni and getting a degree but…gone are the days when your first-class degree gets you a first class job. Now no one cares, sorry. A Bachelor’s degree is now commonplace (hard truth), so the only way out is to get a master’s degree or get yourself established before time.

Where to get posted to: So, it’s time to haggle with the NSS guys over where to get posted. Nobody wants some rundown village in some corner of the country. Everyone wants some nice air-conditioned office, right? Errm hello!! Someone must be in that village. Just pray it’s not you!

Adulting: You’re about to finish school. You’re panicking cos you’re going to the real world! You won’t be like what it did to your siblings and now you’re wondering “what at all did I do with my four years in school?”

But it’s not all doom and gloom, you get the freedom (then get into life), no more academic pressure (but work starts), and you get your own money (and your own bills). Sorry for being pessimistic, but that’s the truth.

But remember one thing, life goes on, no matter what so chin up!

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