These 12 Barbers Have Figured Out The Science To Exotic Haircuts In Ghana

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Growing up whenever the barber was called, this was the exact set up you would get.

A young man holding his board with his clippers in his side bag under the mercy of the weather and shouting on top of his voice to get the attention of his potential clients.

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Fast forward to the technological age and the era of social media, being a barber is no longer the undermined profession that it used to be.

A lot of people who have white collar jobs actually own barbershops where they have employed skilled and sophisticated barbers to give top-notch treatment to their client’s hair.

Now it’s no more about just sitting down for 10 – 15 minutes and getting a simple haircut.

Some even go to the extent of cutting out images in the hair of their clients

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In case you are thinking this is just an ‘abrokyire’ vibe, take a seat and let me introduce you to 12 of these sophisticated barbers that are here in Ghana with us and are probably behind your house or at your junction.

You just don’t pay enough attention.


The Hairmasterz is located in East Legon. You can contact them on 0245151640.


You can call him on 0240983722 or find him at the Real Mens Quarters Shop.


Justice offers both home service and walk-ins. You can call him on 0551693738 or WhatsApp him on 0548009595


Contact Scanty on 0279183119//0203342001


You can reach Sadat via Call/WhatsApp on 0242817788


Contact Luda Haircuts on 0248207105

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Locate Scientifik inside West McCarthy. Call him for home service on 0248709117.

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You can find the Realest Barber at the Real Mens Quarters or call him on 0543319392


Contact Andis Barber on 0243235454


You can call Designer the Barber on 0541474102


Locate Nii Classic the Barber inside Tema Community 8 or contact him on 0248252396


and Just in case you end in the UK and you still want to have the Ghanaian touch Nikky will link you up real quick. Send him a DM or contact him on 07955274244

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Let us know if you know of any phenomenal barber we probably didn’t add.

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