Where You Sit During Lectures And What It Says About You

sitting places in a lecture room

Where you sit during lectures is very important depending on the type of student you are. People sit at certain places for many reasons.

The first group is the;

The front row sitters

Those who sit in front during lectures are seen as the sharks of the class. They are all knowing and have answers to all questions asked by the lecturer. These people are the only ones who ask questions when the lecturer asks for questions to be asked.

The back-benchers

For the back-benchers, there are two types.

There are those who have to sit at the back because they came for the lecture late and have no choice but to sit at the back.

And there are those who intentionally always want to sit at the back in order to avoid questions from the lecturer. Since they can hardly be seen by the lecturer, they have the freedom to use their phones during lectures to WhatsApp, Tweet, and Instagram. And oh, they are usually boys and like to make unnecessary noise when the lecture becomes exciting.

The middle-belt folks

These people are really the studious ones. They don’t sit in front because they don’t like to answer and ask questions and they also don’t sit at the back to avoid distraction. So they sit in the middle so they can pay attention to the lecturer but hope and pray that the lecturer doesn’t call them to answer any question.

The ‘I don’t really care where’ sitters

These people just don’t care about where they sit. They sit at new places every time. Whether it’s in front, in the middle or at the back, they are okay with any sitting place. They sit in any place based on availability.

The Seat warmers

These people have a particular area or spot in the class where they like sitting. It’s that place and no other place, so they normally come for lectures early to occupy that spot and if you look closely, you’d notice their bum engraved on the seat. Truth please! Don’t roll your eyes.

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Lol…it’s what we’ve observed that we’ve put out, so you should be on the lookout for these people the next time you attend lectures and let us know if our observations are accurate. But relax, you naaah, which of these people are you? tell us!

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