Opinion Piece: Is It Intentional That The Late LAC Francis Atsu Vondee Was Forgotten This Weekend?

francis atsu vondee

What an eventful weekend it has been!

With a lot of events happening in Accra and the Volta Region.

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My concern, however, has to do with two events which happened simultaneously but was due to an occurrence that happened at the same time.

The late Ebony died alongside Franky Kuri and Francis Atsu Vondee.

Reports by the media indicated that Franky was the personal assistant and childhood friend of Ebony and Francis was the “bodyguard” of Ebony.

During the burial and final funeral rites of Franky, the parents of Ebony were present, alongside a substantial amount of media presence.

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The media presence may not have been as intense as that of Ebony but at least when you go on social media you will know that Franky was being buried on that day.

Fast Forward to this weekend…..

Instagram – Ebony

Facebook – Ebony

Snapchat – Ebony

Twitter – Ebony

Youtube – Ebony

Whatsapp Status – Ebony

Television – Ebony

Radio – Ebony

And yet, in the village of Adidome with the presence of his family, friends and colleagues, the late Francis Atsu Vondee was being laid to rest.

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He was sparingly mentioned on all social media platforms.

It was like he never existed.

Media Houses present….close to Zero

A delegation from Ebony’s family or management team…..Zero.

Now before you come and talk about how they were also burying Ebony the same day, note that I said DELEGATION and not her parents or her manager.

I get the part where she is a celebrity and all that but then again if it wasn’t for her, he wouldn’t have been there in the first place so therefore his death could have been avoidable…….

But No! Because he was tagged as just a “bodyguard” everyone ‘forgot’ that he also lost his life that day.

Everyone forgot that he received the worst impact and practically lost half of his face.

Countless of donations and yet none to the family of the two others who died alongside Ebony.

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I received a post on WhatsApp that reportedly sums up the supposed funds which various organizations and individuals donated to the family of Ebony.

If these figures are really accurate, then there was a lot of extra money that could have been passed on to the family of the late soldier or better still used to construct the road that killed them.

Honestly, the neglect of the soldier is very sad and partly insulting if you ask me.

Big ups to the Air Force who gave their colleague a befitting burial and celebrated him for the hero that he was.

Rest in Peace Atsu. I am sorry you were forgotten like you never existed.


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