Fuse ODG Rented Out A Theatre For A Special Screening Of ‘Black Panther’ For His Students


What was award-winning musician up to on Tuesday afternoon?

The UK-based Ghanaian hitmaker rented out one of the theatres in West Hills Mall for 200 kids to have an exclusive screening of the record-breaking movie, Black Panther.

The students, who attend Fuse ODG’s Worldwide Missions School in Akosombo, had the opportunity of a lifetime to watch Black Panther alongside Fuse and his team.

Richard, famously known to the world as Fuse ODG, continues to give back to Ghana immensely and promotes Ghana worldwide.

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“I feel if we don’t stand up and actually help these kids, who else is going to? Who else is going to stand up and educate these kids the right way? Especially for someone like me who has seen the world and seen different education systems and know how people see Africa. I want people to come to Ghana and keep properly educated children. Our schools need to educate these kids the right way and to me, this school in Akosombo is one of my missions. One of the visions is to have a school with world-class education. It’s a work in progress. These kids in Akosombo, it started as an orphanage and they’ve never been to a cinema before,” he told Live FM.


“Some have never left Akosombo before. So to give them this opportunity to simply watch a movie and not just any movie but a self-empowering movie, a movie that promotes self-love, promotes our culture and allows them to feel comfortable in their own skin was a first-grade movie for them to watch in a cinema.

“Seeing their reactions and seeing their face lighting up as they were watching was priceless. Seeing people who look like them in a world-class movie such as Black Panther was so beautiful.”

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“When I asked what they took from the movie, some of the kids said, “Africans are important,” while others said, “Africans are beautiful.” It’s making them realize the value of being Ghanaian. We have to teach our kids to love themselves from now so that way it’s harder for other people to tear them apart.”

Source: LIVE FM

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