How To Successfully Prepare To Move Out Of Your Town For National Service

Honestly, no one likes to be relocated because of National Service.

It is one nightmare that people take extreme measures just to avoid.

Some people pay huge sums of money just to stay where they live.

Others have a few link ups in high places so a simple phone call places them in the company of their choice.

The rest of us just depend on the angels in heaven to miraculously place us in our areas so we are not thrown into the armpit of civilization.

But then again all of us cannot have it our way so this is just planning ahead in case you are not placed where you want to be.

Create a Check-List

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Moving into a new space can be tedious and very stressful. You can easily forget a lot of things that you might need when you move out of your comfort zone. What you need to do is create a list of all the things you will need to transport from your home. Create another one of the things that you will need to buy when you get into the new town.

Make a Budget and Start Saving

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In as much as you don’t know for sure where you are going and what the cost of living there is like, you would have to make an estimated budget of what the likely cost of living might be. Bear in mind that you cannot just make the budget and leave it up until when your postings are released. You need to save towards what the total estimated cost might be. If you are able to save up and have some money before you start service, you won’t be faced with the situation of using your allowance for your initial expenses.

Make a To-Do List

As much as possible, you will want to get the best out of this experience. Make a list of all the things you will do if this was a holiday or a road trip or an adventure. Life is short you gotta enjoy.  Take advantage of it and explore Ghana.

Don’t wait and save to go to Dubai…lol

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