10 Types Of Phobics/Phobias In Every Class

Fears over GCSE exam shake up...File photo dated 10/6/2005 of school exams in progess. Teenagers will no longer be required to sit all their GCSEs after two years of study, under radical plans to break courses into 'bite sized' modules. PA wire

A phobia is simply the fear of a distin and a phobic is one who fears the distin. But for the sake of my learned colleagues, let it be held on record that a phobia is a psychological term for an irrational or obsessive fear of something or someone and a phobic is one who is experiencing or expressing a phobia. In as much as we all have our own fears and are afraid to face them, some fears are very extreme and sound funny as well. It leaves you wondering how on earth some people can have such fears.

Let’s walk the dark alley together.

Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia – This is the fear of long words. lol!! Abi you sef you skip am, you no try mention. Some students are afraid of such long words and/or get intimidated by them. When they say a prayer every morning, they pray God delivers them from such words or a situation in class that they would have to pronounce such a word on the board or on projected slides. Forget breaking the word into syllables. Now try repeating the word, hippopoto……

Glossophobia– The fear of public speaking. These students like the former also say a prayer but this around, it’s to tell God not to let any demonic satellite of a lecturer fall on him/her. Some people are afraid of public speaking so much that they’d rather pee their pants or faint than stand in front of the class to speak on an issue. A heart attack is imminent should the lecturer approach their seat with a question.

Xenophobia – Xenophobia sounds familiar, right? But we are using it in a different context and not what you presumed. This is the fear of the unknown. Such people are always contemplating, “what if, in case, should this occur”. They’re so afraid of the unknown that thinking about the possible occurrences in the next 5 minutes scares them. They’ll be like, “what if there’s an impromptu quiz, what if the lecturer notices my shirt and calls me, what if I’m called to answer a question” Like take a chill pill yh, you’re not the only one in the class wai.

Didaskaleinophobia – The fear of school. Lol! – frankly, I believe most people don’t like school, but in extreme cases, some people fear school. They’ve been afraid of it since the 80’s. The only reason why they’re still in school is probably that they haven’t found plan B yet or maybe they have been a given a job offer too good to resist so they’ve gotta face their fear and be in school.

Numerophobia – The fear of numbers and the mere thought of calculations. For this one, most of us are guilty as charged. The simplest of phrases like if Ama has 2 books and 4 pens how many items does she have? This one kraa is a problem.

Ergophobia – The fear of work. For such students anything that would require them to sit, act or think for more than 5 minutes is work and they literally hate it. Assignments, group studies, learning, going for lectures. Lol – just name em.

Bibliophobia – Fear of books. Need I talk about this? The volume and font size of some books is enough to make you hate books. These students don’t buy handouts ‘sef mpo na’ they’ll read. They don’t even bring books to class to write In.

Metathesiophobia – The fear of change or changing things. It’s true change has come and change is good, but some changes can wait especially when it’s time for a quiz and such students have already drawn a formation they’ll be using. The fear can be so great that these students will go earlier to the venue for the quiz and even help arrange the place so that nothing, I mean nothing would change their plan.

Ortographobia – Fear of Sperriing Mistakes/glammatical ellors.  see what we did there. These students are conscious of their gbaament and would at any given point in time prefer to be quiet rather than speak up and reassemble the English language, sometimes it’s just the l’s and r’s. Life is a bit difficult for such students as their friends would insist the lecturer calls them to answer a question.

Anablephobia – This is the fear of looking up. This kinda phobia is temporary and most students fall into this category especially when a question is asked in class or when the lecturer is looking for someone to call. You’ll be people having their heads low key like ducking bullets.

Tell us, which one are you?

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