The Pros And Cons Of Having A US Military Base In Ghana

Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, Donald Trump

There is a new security issue that is fast becoming the main topic under discussion in the country.

It all started when Myjoyonline broke the news that it has obtained an agreement between the Ghana cabinet and the United States government for the US to establish a military base in Ghana.

Hold on guys, don’t panic yet.

Well, you shouldn’t if the Defence Minister, Dominic Nitiwul, is being very truthful with us and not hiding details from us.

You know, in every agreement, the devil is always in the detail and not the general aim of the said agreement.

According to Dominic Nitiwul, the US is not actually establishing a military base in Ghana, but the US is, in fact, seeking to use some facilities at the Kotoka International Airport (KIA) and the Tema Port to keep their cargo and other materials their military officers may use during their stay in the country.

This storage agreement is to help the US troops who come to Ghana to train our soldiers or receive training from our own soldiers.

Whichever, the case might be, there will be US troops on Ghanaian soil.

In a Q&A on Quora, here is a brief on the pros and cons of having a U.S military base in our country.


  1. Massively increased defence capability.

Having a U.S military base suddenly gives a country resources from the most powerful, or at least one of the most powerful, militaries in the world. For any country with little to no protection, it is a godsend. If you just look at the defence of most countries, you would notice that U.S military help provides massive help, better to have it then not.

  1. It keeps away potential enemies.

A country is more likely to provoke or attack a country with little defence and no help than a country with U.S military help. Simple as that can be.

  1. Gives the incentive to lower military spending.

This can help the country economically during peacetime as well. With military help and aid being provided through the local U.S base, military spending isn’t as nearly important. That money can be spent on Education, Welfare, or any other expense this would-be country would need.

  1. A sense of security.

A sense of security is better than not having one. If there was a big nation next to you and you had no help, you’d panic. But with an assist from another big nation, it eases the concern a little.



  1. Unpopular with a high percentage of citizens.

A high number of civilians would likely be adamantly against any nation having a military base established in their homeland. The fact it is the U.S doing doesn’t help at all.

  1. Firmly under U.S foreign policy.

If this is to happen, the U.S would almost certainly make that one nation have a foreign policy somewhat similar to its own. This includes helping in times of need, even war. It not necessarily bad your under U.S policy, but it’s the lack of freedom from U.S foreign policy.

  1. Local U.S operations.

The U.S is obviously going to do operations from the military base, depending on the type. This may be a problem, it might not, but it certainly won’t be a good thing.

  1. Making one a target, during a war.

In the event of war for the U.S, that military base would be utilized. The attacking or defending country will obviously not sit back and watch being attacked. They will attack back at that military base, which would put the would-be country at risk.

Apparently, Ghana will receive some $20 billion in grants and other logistics and equipment to support the military.

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