HOT GOSSIP: Update On Hall Weeks In KNUST

We first heard of it as a rumor, but it is not anymore. KNUST is having all their hall weeks simultaneously, from the 19th of March to the 25th. This stirred up a lot of mixed emotions. A lot say there is no way this one week celebration can work out, definitely one hall (*wink*wink*) will out shine the rest. It’s a fair opinion, if you compare the outcome of each hall week’s celebration in the past. Most students get excited when that time of the year approaches. Can you blame them?  The parties, concerts, artists, bottles upon bottles, fine melanin females and guys, all sum up to make the most memorable moment in most students lives. I, personally think this could be a blessing in disguise. Who knows, one hall can face the competition and take the hyped position this year. Fantasy or Reality? Am I deceiving myself or is there hope for the other halls?

Well, from a good source,  We heard Indece is sitting this one out.  No one likes a quitter, but maybe that was the best decision to make. Funny enough, I cannot get myself to believe that sentence, maybe, you will have a better chance doing so.  OK, so we are waiting to get the juice on Conti, Katanga and Africa.  A few days ago,  I overheard someone pass a comment on these halls. The person said “it looks like Conti and Katanga have to celebrate their hall week by their executives and Africa, hmm, ..” I apologize, but I cant complete the sentence, words of men can truly kill. People, lets give them a chance. what is it they say, faith as small as a mustard can move mountains?? Well, there are mountains here too.  Queens! Say something before we say it for you. Well, there’s another rumor going around that colours could be flying soon. Yep, I mean paintball, yesss, here in Kumasi. And they are getting PATAPAA to come. Lmao, I’m kidding, however they are getting someone you might know; Kurl Songs. so yeah, there are things sparkling a bit over there.

Hmm, those first two paragraphs were too long for The Republic Hall Week fans, right? I know. Lmao it was intentional.  THE SAUCE ON Repu is quite thick. Lemme start by saying, I had the same reaction you had when Repu started hyping their Dog Show and Car Wash. Please REPU,  We are in Kumasi!!!! Getting bitten by a dog in kumasi isn’t a nice story to share!!!!  *Low key* You know we know you know that you *still low key* copied PENT HALL WEEK. Its cool. Just be real gees, admit it and then you can rock it. There is no harm in that. Who will arrest you? People are still gonna come. NOTE: WE WANT WELL TRAINED DOGS.

Aside that they are having their fashion show. *shout to those with the long legs, flat tummies and finesse* Hmm. You know, Zylophone right? Yeah Zylpohone Zylophone. That very one, Zylophone is cooperating with Republic Hall Week to organise a crazzzyyy linkup*shoutout to Tibu* for us this year. We’re gonna see Becca, Stonebwoy and Shatawale  soon.

The icing on the cake is the parties. EPILOGO!!! ALL BLACK!! MIA!!!! DARK STORM *I’m already dancing* We will be there, looking all peng and stylish, you know how we do. *wink*wink*  I don’t have to talk a lot about this, you already know. If you don’t know, go and find out.  Even better, come and experience the vibe then you can use the #ifyouknowyouknow tag rightly. If you are a foodie like I am, you would also be glad to know that  FUFU party at Georgia Hostel would be as lit as ever.

For information on events going on, stands, location of stands, what you can get at where, where what is, comment under this post. You can get more information on the stands at Billboard.og on IG. Billboard.Og and Kuulpeeps are working together at the moment so you can also get access to the same information on the Billboard.OG tab on KUULPEEPS.COM


written by: Adoma




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