Find Out Why UCC Didn’t Sleep On Friday Night & 9 Other Stories You Need To Read Today


It’s Monday and it was very hard for some of us to get out of our beds.

Image result for lazy gif

All the same, we’re up and life must go on.

We wouldn’t want to add more stress to your life this morning, so we put together a couple of stories that’ll make up your day.

Let’s start with our folks from UCC

If you’re in Legon, please take note of this.


If you missed any major sports news this weekend, we got you

Do you have a good memory, try this.

Hello fashion folks, this is for you…

You must be bored by now so take some advice from Joshua Clottey.

Don’t forget we’re still celebrating Achimota as our High School of the Month

Hello boys, if you need to do some cleaning, read this.

For the love of fresh milk

Let’s end this with some craaazy tweets!


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