6 Types Of Friends Every Uni Student Should Have

Tom and Jerry

Here on campus erh, there are a lot of people you need to surround yourself with as friends. Here are some types of friends you absolutely need to have!!!

The GPA Ladders.
These people always sit in front during lectures and they like asking questions. They constantly burn the midnight candle and they sometimes do research on the course or topic before coming for lectures, so with these people as your friend, breda, sister… you will learn aaaa till your GPA blesses you.

The clubbing or party freaks.
All work and no play…

You need one of these guys!!! They know everything about parties!!! The where, when and how to get a free pass or ticket to the party. They know the party calendar on their finger tips so if you’re tired of sharking or you feel bored, c’mon just hola at them they’ll take you to the party and make you feel tres bien. You go jam till heaven falls.

The Fashionistas 
These are the types of friends who always look good. They wear beautiful dresses and nice shoes on campus. Why do you need them??

So you can la borrow all dem fine things!

The Compound house friends
These are friends whose mind dey to contribute money to buy food, bring foodstuff together, cook and eat. They always have a food chain schedule. With these friends, you won’t go hungry even if you are broke like dried leaves.

The Counselors 
These friends are perfect for you to share matters of your heart with. They are such good listeners and so easy to talk to! You will need them for all those heart wrenching tales.

The Comedian
We all need one! That one person who can make you laugh any day anytime!!!! Once they appear…

If you don’t have any of these friends, oya do wild and grab one before it’s too late!!


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