5 Very Simple Kitchen Hacks Every Uni Student Should Know

Cooking seems like a tiring job in uni. With all the peeling, pounding, stirring and tasting, sometimes the food is finished and you’re just too tired to enjoy it.

Well , thank the kitchen gods for hacks. Let’s share with you 5 cooking hacks which will get you on a less stressful cooking path in your various hostels.

Asanka-less/Blender-less…try this

Who has time to carry earthenware bowl to uni? Or your flatmate borrowed it without returning it? Whenever you’re out of options but need to get your tomatoes , onions and pepper blended, just get a ceramic bowl and start grinding. Remember to boil your veggies first to soften them or you’ll end up breaking your ceramic bowl…and less pressure, the veggies are boiled already!

Riceballs made easy

Riceballs looks difficult to prepare. “Driving” the rice is a science most of us haven’t figured out. Worry not! After cooking your rice, just scoop them into your earthenware bowl or ceramic bowl and get into the driving  process…this time by grinding style.

Real fufu made simpler

No! No! Fufu with pestle and mortar is a no-no in uni unless you’re ready to graduate with a reputation. If you love homemade  fufu(no powder) as much as we do just boil your plantain and cassava, blend till you get a smoothie-like paste. Put this paste over heat , stir like you’re preparing porridge and then “drive” with a wooden laddle when it is harder. Trust us, ebefa!

Tired of peeling garlic?

Garlic tastes amazing in food but not so amazing on you hands after cooking…much like onion! If you’d rather avoid the garlicy scent, then avoid peeling. Just put the bulb in a container and shake till all the peels come off.

Onion/Garlic scent stuck on hands?

Nothing bums us out than having onion or garlic scents stuck on your hands after cooking. To get rid of this, make a salt and water scrub and wash your hands in it rubbing any stainless steel on your hands..works like MAGIC

Next time you’re cooking use these hacks to make it faster and less tiring. Don’t thank us!




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