One Of Legon’s Most Popular Campaign Managers Gives His Take On The SRC Aspirants 2018

Whenever you walk into Dr Hilla Liman hall and you ask of “Listo”. Just know that everyone knows him. And a first glance at him will prove all there is to know about this popular guy. Handsome, light-skinned with a cool smile that will make you like him instantly. It’s no wonder why he’s so popular.

So Kuulpeeps sat down with Listowel and had a chat with him to find out what makes him tick and here’s what we learned.

Kuulpeeps: So Listowel, tell us, why are you well known?

Listowell: it’s nothing too big. It happens that I’ve been a campaign manager for different SRC aspirants and I tend to relate well with people both in Limann and beyond.

Kuulpeeps: Many people are campaign managers. Why do you think you being one has made you this popular?

Listowell: It’s all about building a relationship with the people you come across, get to know what they want and connect with them in some way others won’t.

Kuulpeeps: Why campaigns and politics?

Listowell: I love politics, it has been an inner passion for a long time, and my dad also influenced my interest in this. I feel like it’s something I was meant to do seeing as my influence can change tides of situations that would have gone bad. “It’s more like a calling, Sometimes I even dream about the outcome of elections and matches before they happen. The 2016 presidential elections and the 2017 SRC elections are examples. I’m also a Liverpool fan and I know beforehand which matches they would win and which ones they would lose”

Kuulpeeps: Seeing as you’re like an expert in political affairs, what is your view on this years’ SRC candidates?

Listowell: well, it’s a very fiercely contested run but looking at these aspirants, Sly has the necessary experience and drive to win this time around. He has won the support of a lot of people in the diaspora, Pent and a little of the main campus to get himself through but last year’s incident with Korle Bu may repeat itself if measures aren’t put in place. Clement, though he has a strong social media presence and is popular with the level 100s, doesn’t have enough interpersonal relations with the public and that is also a problem. Afful has a majority on the main campus and he has a strong backing from his hall, church and department but he has to go wider before he can be in a comfortable lead. Lady Cornelia for secretary is already on a good path since she started well and has a strong backing. The others are also doing good but need to put in more effort to make it through.

Kuulpeeps: What is your view about student politics in general?

Listowell: I believe it’s actually very important, it’s more like a springboard to prepare these guys for the main battle out there. This generation has a lot to offer in terms of ideas and they need the experience to push ahead.

Kuulpeeps: Why don’t you go in for a position or something? Obviously, you have all the popularity and experience.

Listowell: LooL Naa, I know my myself and I know that I’m ok with running everything from the background.

Kuulpeeps: So, what do you do in your free time?

Listowell: Just in my room, playing games, getting some rest and chatting with friends.

Kuulpeeps: Any life tips and advice for us?

Listowell: Life is all about the people we connect with. We should meet with people, the right people, and try to get to make an impact on them. It’s not that hard. The people we meet and communicate with make us who we are in life.

Wise words from a great guy!! 


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