MarchMadness: Take A Peep At The Kuulpeeps UEW Team

This is a typical team convo. Some bunch of crazy people. If you ever thought we were a bunch of nerdy people who just go around sniffing for news…you thought wrong. Well, not the news part…that one de3 we do…how else do we keep y’all updated.

Welcome to #MarchMadness people. This March, Kuulpeeps UEW has a lot in our goody bag. From BrandMe to our upcoming Dare To Be African Shoot and our election forum, March is sure to be fun for y’all…and busy for us-but who’s complaining. We love our jobs! We get to do the dirtywork so you enjoy. This inspired our March Team Shoot!  Enough talk, meet the crazy fam!

Charles is a third year Political Science student and the Campus Editor. Charles is Mr. Nice Guy! He’s nice but he knows how to get the job done. Might be corny but has a sense of humor. Check him out here

Felix is a 4th year Graphic Design student and the CEO of Nings Photography. Dude is an art demi-god. Speak it in words and he turns them to beautiful art! Explore his world here

Aba is the only female in the team. Well she’s annoying and all but she has her way with people. She knows all the big shots on campus and she gets us connected. Find her in the 2nd year French class…or over here

Sammie! Why does he look like Clemonto Suarez here? Any-hoo, Druppy is a third year Graphic Design student and our video guy! The Astra Concept boss has some of his amazing work here

Self-acclaimed “Best Writer”, Benjamin is a 2nd year English student. He looks baby-ish and all but he’s your go-to event guy. He gets us on the big events on campus. If we are present at an event, he made it work. Shhh….we call him the “baby” of the team when he’s not around….I didn’t say it! You think we’re mean…check out his photos here

Wondering why you didn’t see any Kevin in the chat? That’s because Kevin is a silent killer. He dey like he no dey. Kev is a 3rd year Graphic Design student and the CEO of Kevas Photos. He has an amazing collection of his work here

Kuulpeeps UEW is made up of these crazy and amazing people but hey,we can’t forget our OG, Eli! He’s some social media celebrity on his own oo…check him out here

He’s everything to us charley! And oh, we’re recruiting too…if you wanna be part of the team hit us up at 0209128397 or through [email protected]!


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