Legon’s Nursing School Students Give Free Health Screening To Madina’s ‘Kayayei’

Last Saturday, a group of level 300 University of Ghana School of Nursing and Midwifery students embarked on a project, in partnership with Plan Parenthood Association of Ghana, to provide free health screening and health education to head porters at Madina Market and we are here for it!
Nursing school legon
Apparently, this is a project that is undertaken every year by the level 300 nursing students as part of their coursework. This time, group 4 decided to focus on” Kayayei” or head porters, while the other groups attended to the aged, taxi drivers, school children and industry workers in various communities.

Nursing school legon

Even though we know it’s part of their coursework, the dedication and effort these students put into administering some health services to the head porters was amazing.

Their main focus for the health education was on family planning, hence their partnership with PPAG.
PPAG volunteers counselled the “kayayei” on their health, the relevance of Family planning and the right way to wear a condom. They also conducted AIDS test and counselling for those who needed it.
Nursing school legon
The various activities the Students carried out included blood pressure check, blood glucose check, BMI check and hepatitis B check. That’s not all, they also gave out free mosquito nets to some of the mothers present and provided them with some snacks.

Nursing school Legon

Now guys, don’t you think these Kuulpeeps of Legon are worth commending, cos we definitely think they are!



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