AmDeco’s Top 10 Tips For Positive Internships And Work Experience Outcomes

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Before you go for an interview everyone wants to show you the best way to ACE the interview and it aost always pretty much ends there.

AmDeco, on the other hand, wants to teach you how to ACE the interview, get that internship and grow it into a permanent job role.

These 10 tips are a summary of all the things you need to do to end your internship on a good note.

  1. Show up your BEST self each time! Be on time. Look smart. Smell fresh. Work hard and learn hard. It will get you far.
  2. Always listen to instructions very carefully when your Supervisor is speaking.
  3. Ask sensible questions – demonstrate that you have tried to understand a concept yourself fully before asking questions
  4. Be confident and assertive: work well with your teammates and colleagues.
  5. Attitude is everything! Be positive, open-minded and willing to learn, even from your mistakes or criticisms.
  6. Try new things, you CAN do it! Never tell yourself “I can’t do this” or “I can’t do that” just because it makes you uncomfortable or you “feel shy”.
  7. Read daily to develop your own interests, widen your perspective and set your future goals with current work experience as a starting point for 1-2 years.
  8. Aim to be outstanding and push yourself to succeed at any tasks, especially challenging ones, during your work experience.
  9. No need to be shy. Be clear in the way you communicate. Go get the life you want. It’s up to you to ACT NOW to improve your circumstances.
  10. The first few weeks of a new job or study schedule is naturally hard, we understand that; it does get easier once you get used to the routine. Hang in there!

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