5 Essential Life Lessons To Motivate You For The Rest Of The Week

So after the seminars, job fairs, mock interviews and distinguished guests, the 2018 version of the university of Ghana careers week is finally over. It’s been over a week but we still can’t stop thinking back to how amazing it was.
There was really a lot to gain from the 4 day event. A lot. So, here are some tips to get you through life.

1. Know yourself: what’s that thing you’re best at? That experience you go over? That skill you mastered, how did you handle that situation?
The purpose of school is to discover yourself, your identity, talent, potential, skill and purpose in life. That’s the number one path to self-actualization is to know who you are.

2. Challenge yourself: go further, take on a new skill, go out and do something new every day. The best way to grow is to work yourself out (clearly not gyming lol)

3. Never stop learning: Did you know you can be an expert at particular field after just 3 years of self-study? So why not take on a new course, learn a new language or a new style of doing things. This will set you apart from the crowd.

4. Manage your time: The trick of being successful is not anything extraordinary, it’s just being good at what you are good at in the best time possible. Why spend time on your smart phones and laptops when you could be doing that assignment and working on that project. Set a schedule and follow it, don’t procrastinate and everything will work out just fine.

5. Develop your relationships: get a chance to know a person every day. Don’t go through life alone. Let somebody be there to take you along.

Well, there you have it. Next year, you should be there yourself so you get all these gems firsthand!


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