5 Things Every Guy On Campus Cannot Do Without

Living on campus requires a lot of tactics and strategies to ensure that everything moves smoothly. Well, the guys have their own way of living on campus and these are what they can’t do without;

A lady who cooks

girl who cooks

Every guy on campus has the one girl or girls that they go to when things get tough. These ladies virtually become their saviours during the “hala” season and there is a high probability that anytime they knock on the doors of these ladies, the call of their stomach would definitely be answered.

A multi-purpose rice cooker

multipurpose rice cooker

A rice cooker is very important in every guy’s life on campus. Yes! a rice cooker that can serve every purpose. The rice cooker is used for everything including boiling water for tea, boiling yam, cooking rice, preparing stew, preparing porridge.



Gari, Sugar, Milo, Nido, Shito, Sardine are essential commodities guys have in their lockers. They call on these commodities when the going gets tough.

One nice bed-sheet

bed sheet

Unlike ladies who bring about ten bed-sheets to school and change them every day, guys don’t have that time at all. A bedsheet is enough for the semester. It just has to be nice bedsheet which is not white that they can easily wash. And yeah they lay it occasionally, mostly when a lady is coming to visit.


Another important thing guys have. They wear for lectures and for moving around on campus. No stress kraaa, easy to move with.

My guys, we know we have sold you out, but tell us what you think and if there’s more that we didn’t write about, let us know.


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