10 Types Of Students You Will Meet At UCC’s Sam Jonah Library

sam jonah library

Welcome to UCC’s Sam Jonah Library. The library is always busy at every time of the day or the night. If you’ve used the library before you’d agree that this is something we have all observed.

Upon a couple of observations, these are categories of people that we identified in the library.


The read out-loud.

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There’s laugh out loud but have you met the readout-loud. Christ!!! You are having a difficult time trying to memorize all these notes and just across someone is reading out math equations like that. Charley!!! They can be unnecessarily loud sometimes.


The really serious students

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Yo, after all, its UCC so yup there are those who really came for the kill, they don’t play, no phones, no water, and no breaks nothing just sit and learn for as long as they can.


The ‘’Am to the Pm

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Krenkren to krankran. Yeah they are here. This sect can come to the library at 9 am and leave at 9 am the next day. It’s like that, especially during exams times. If you know, you know.


The Sleeper

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Oh, Gawd!! How some people are able to fold their arms and sleep across wooden desks is something we are yet to fathom. It’s not that they are tired and taking a small nap oo. Look, they just came to sleep.


The Foodie

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Herhh!! People can eat papa. Not snacks or drinks or some other easily disposed food oo. We are talking yam, rice, kenkey. They leave you wondering if you got lost in the science market.


The Flirts

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Love knows no boundary merhnn!!!. That’s all we can say.


The library gangs

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A bunch of friends who have formed study groups but are never studying. This clique are only meant for noise, music and noise. Eno nkoaa Na omo nnim ye!!


The ‘’am not really here to learn’’

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They could have belonged to the library gangs but they are solo. They are probably only there to use Wi-Fi for some downloads, to cover things up they bring a book along. You can’t help but notice how long they’ve been on their phones and laughing. Please don’t say they were reading pdf files.


The sneaks

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Have you raised your head up across your desk and noticed how it feels like someone has been staring at you the entire time? Yh that’s because someone has. You lock eyes with your suspect and there noorr they jie their eyes.


The Mature student

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Salute to all the old folks still making this happen. Bosses we respect your hustle.


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