UG French Club Launches High School Tour Today With Thomas Aquinas SHS

Most of us hated French back in Junior High School right? For 90% of us, it was the teachers!!!! Every French teacher was annoying! Some of us also thought our doom was here when we applied to Legon and got French as an elective.

The French club, well aware of this ‘situation’ has decided to clear the misconception that French is difficult and wants to actually help all of us to embrace the language.

Legon French Clib

Y’all know we love initiatives like this so we met this Kuulpeep, Gilles Ametepe, a level 300 French and Political Science Student of the University of Ghana, also the French club president to tell us more about their project… in French!!

No, we are kidding.

Legon French Club

Kuulpeeps: Why did you start the  “Paint Ghana In French” initiative?

Gilles: As the University of Ghana French Club, we are the leading French Club in the country and it’s our duty to lead the agenda to change the perception of French in Ghana.

Kuulpeeps: Tell us about this whole new project.

Gilles: Ghana French High School Tour is the platform the UG French Club built to reach students in SHS with the new message about French. For us, French is the future and there is a need for us to position ourselves to make the best out of our geographical location.

Kuulpeeps: Why High schools?

Gilles:  SHS is like the gateway to the University. We have noticed a few things about freshers in the department. A good number of them didn’t choose the course, others had no interest, others too had no idea what learning French was all about. This informed us that there is something wrong with French in High School. We needed to address that.

Kuulpeeps: About the High School tour, What’s the plan?

Gilles: The main idea is to tell our story, we are young, just like them and we are using French one way or the other, I have some personal experiences when it comes to that and there is this drama piece our team will act to communicate same.

Gilles and his team are doing all this with support from only the French Department. The whole project is a self-funding one and they hope that with time, they will get support from external sources too.

They launch today with their first High School,  St Thomas Aquinas.

You can follow them on IG to track their progress! (@ugfrenchclub)

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And if you have siblings or friends still in SHS, let them know that the French tour bus will be in their schools soon!!!!

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