This Facebook Bachelor Is Slightly Infatuated With MzVee And Needs Help To Send This Message To Her

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Boys make wild for street roff.

Natural Girl singer MzVee, has never made mention of the fact that she has a man in her life on any platform that she has been.

If she has one too, then she has kept him well hidden.

This Facebook user by the name Nana Poku Afriyie-Asante has however decided to take the bull by the horns and send an open letter to MzVee expressing how he feels.

In the letter, he writes,

An Open letter to Mzvee:

Dear Mzvee,

You are a phenomenal woman. I believe we’d make an extraordinary team. Don’t be mistaken; this isn’t a proposal or some sort of misguided infatuation. Maybe just a little; I leave that to your judgement.

A couple of years ago, I was caught off guard singing, “I’m a natural girl yeah na na na na“.

The fact that the lyrics easily relinquished themselves from my lips made me realized how powerful your song was. As a man, I certainly didn’t mind being a ‘natural girl’ at that very moment. That was when you first won my admiration.

Fast forward to February 17, 2018, you made an appearance at the Vitamilk Love Night concert. At around 10 pm, you took the night in your arms and gently caroused it with your incredible voice. I just sat there sheepishly like a baby enjoying milk from the bosom of its mom.

For some reason, I saw a reflection of Alicia Keys in you; from the way, you handled the microphone to your entire stage demeanour.

That was when the magic happened; you did sing a song by Alicia Keys. A half smile made its way across my right cheek. I remained silent and wallowed under your spell without remorse; it felt really good. In my head, our baby boy was seated on my lap playing and waiting for mom to wrap up on her performance.

It’s okay to giggle about that though.

That night got me thinking about the future of the Ghanaian Music Industry; its present state and the many hindrances that have stifled the progress of artists.

Radio airplay is considered a public performance with the intent to generate royalties for Songwriters, Performers and Artistes. However, I noticed artistes in Ghana rather pay these stations to have their songs aired. I have taken a keen interest in this case and hence, would publish my findings soon.

By the way, it would be nice for both you and me to meet up and have a conversation. Who knows, maybe I might just come see your mother. Yemi Alade can wait for a while.

Should you agree, just know that my gingerbread car might rough you up a bit. The AC is more like a microwave; it will toast your natural hair into a cool perm. Lest I forget, you might catch me hitting the battery terminal with a stone to crank it up.

I hope this letter finds you.

Nana Poku Afriyie-Asante
Association of Bachelors.

Can we help Nana Poku share his letter till it gets to Mzvee, please?


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