Can’t Decide On Which Panties To Wear? Let Us Help You


Have you ever walked past or seen somebody wearing a cute outfit but their choice of undergarments just ruined it for you? We are not sure about you guys but we hate to see somebody’s panty line; most people are not aware that there are different types of panties you can wear depending on your choice of outfit.

Here are 9 underwear essentials every woman should own and what to wear with.

Boy shorts

You can wear this with skirts and short dresses.

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Classic briefs

You can wear with pleated skirts and Jeans.

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Seamless Panties

You can wear this with pants and a sheer dress.

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Brazilain Brief

This undergarment is perfect for Shorts and Sarong (wrap skirt)

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French Cut Panties

This is perfect for your high waist pants.

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If you have some low rise jeans this is perfect for it.

Image result for hipster cut panties



It is always best to wear this with leggings or a bodycon dress

Image result for g string



You can wear this with a pencil skirt or a bodycon dress.

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Control Briefs

Lastly, you can pair this with high waist denim pants or a bodycon dress.

So now you have the gist of the different types of undergarments and what to wear with them. We don’t want to see your panty lines ladies.

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