#IWD2018: Yvonne Nelson Says She Is Not Ashamed Of Giving Birth Without A Husband

Yvonne Nelson, Jamie Roberts

Yep, it’s the international women’s day and we are celebrating women – their flaws and their achievements.

In a highly conservative society such as our Ghanaian society, we still manage to judge women who give birth out of wedlock.

But actress Yvonne Nelson, doesn’t get why women must be pressured to observe certain social beliefs.

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In a BBC interview that was aired today, the actress said though she believes it’s the right thing to get married before having kids, she is rather happy having a child though she isn’t married.

Yvonne Nelson welcomed her first child, Ryan Roberts – a girl – on Sunday, October 29, 2017, with her photographer baby daddy, Jamie Roberts.

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“I believe it’s the right thing to do. To get married, have kids, raise a family is ideal but I believe society puts a lot of pressure on women, young women in Africa especially,” she said.

She said because she is a positive person, she didn’t allow all the negative comments people passed to get to her

“I surrounded myself with loved ones,” she said.

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