Get To Know What The Colour Of Your Menstrual Flow Means


As women, we all experience our menstrual differently, but we all have questioned our menstrual flow especially the colour of it. So look, here is the breakdown of the whole colour scheme when it comes to your menstrual cycle.

Dark brown

dark brown menstrual flow

You may see dark brown blood at the beginning or the end of your cycle, but IT IS NORMAL. This colour is perfectly normal, it actually tells you that the blood is old; the blood at times sits in your uterine lining from your previous cycle which most times takes a while to leave your body.


 dark red menstrual flow

This is usually the colour you will see first thing in the morning after you have been lying down for a while, or during the middle of your cycle when your flow is starting to slow down. This IS also NORMAL.


 bright red menstrual flow

If you notice a cranberry-like shade on your pad or tampoon it means the blood is new perhaps it is your first day, this IS NORMAL. This colour usually means that your flow is heavy but it is really a good sign that everything is functioning properly.


gray and red menstrual flow

Okay now, IT’S time to PANIC!!. Gray or off-white clumps mixed in your blood almost always signals bad news. if you are sexually active, it could mean you have contracted some form of STI or STD. However, if you are pregnant then you may be experiencing a miscarriage. Either way, it goes you should contact your doctor ASAP!!.


Related image

Have you recently started exercising frequently, lifting heavy weights or running? Well, you may start to notice a pinkish, lighter-than-usual flow. Also if you are on some sort of hormonal birth control, it could cause your estrogen level to drop thus the lighter shade. Poor diet can also be the cause of the pink coloured blood.

SO now before you get another panic attack on your next menstrual flow or you freak out just go through this little memo and know what exactly what each colour means.


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