An Exclusive Interview With Khalifina; A Top Female Artiste In KNUST

It’s not weird for a girl to sing but when she is seen doing something different from the whole normal girls’ vibe we all want to know how she does it. We don’t want to keep you waiting, let’s meet this young, beautiful and promising artiste who will just blow your mind with her songs………

Kuulpeeps: Can you please tell us something small about yourself?

Khalifina: I’m Christabel Naky Tettey. I’m 18 years. I am a recording artist. Simply put, I sing. I am a student of KNUST offering Textile Design and Technology. I love anything music and arts. My stage name is Khalifina and almost everyone calls me by that.

Kuulpeeps: When did you realize that music was something you wanted to do?

Khalifina: When I was 8 years.

Kuulpeeps: What inspires you to sing?

Khalifina: What I listen to motivates me to sing, usually the kind of music I listen to.

Kuulpeeps: What’s the genre of the music you create and how many songs have you
recorded so far?

Khalifina: The genre is Afro-Fusion and I have about 10 songs but just 2 are out. I am still working on them to bring it out soon.

Kuulpeeps: Is there anyone in the music industry you look up to?

Khalifina: Loool not really…

Kuulpeeps: As a student, you have to combine your music with your studies and other stuff. Does your music career affect your academics?

Khalifina: Oh no it doesn’t, it just gets stressful sometimes but I’m good.

Kuulpeeps: That’s good. Do you have any social life? Any boyfriend?

Khalifina: Of course, I have a social life; I’m a night person and I usually like to hang out with
my friends. And a boyfriend? Lol yes, I do.

Kuulpeeps: Where do you see yourself some few years from now?

Khalifina: I see myself on higher stages doing everything I have ever dreamed.

Kuulpeeps:  Your new song, Prayer is making waves. How do you feel?

Khalifina: Uhm yeah, it was my prayer. I feel good but not relaxed. I have a lot coming.

Kuulpeeps: And we hope you achieve all these. Thanks for spending some time with us.

Enjoy Prayer by Khalifina.

Khalifina – Prayer


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