Ever Wondered How And Why You Get Lucky At Odd Times?

lucky the movie

Have you ever been in the situation where you found yourself in some deep s**T and you knew there was no way you were going to get out of it?

By some luck, you narrowly miss it only for you to get back into trouble again and then at the last minute you somehow, someway manage to find yourself out of it for maybe the second, third or fourth time?

Well, that happens to be the story of  Lucky Barimah Mensah who is a Twitter celeb and has thousands of followers.

lucky the movie

He is easily swayed by the fact that he is a celeb on social media considering the fact that he is a university student. Yet this status doesn’t reflect in his pockets financially.

A product from a broken home, the story of Lucky shows the normal hustle of a Ghanaian child from a broken home who has issues with peer pressure, conforming to the standards of the 21st Century society and also the pressure of pleasing the opposite sex by hook or crook.

Lucky is an upcoming movie written by Togbe Gavua and co-produced by Lawrence Adjei.

It features Ghanaian Songstress Jane Efya Awindor.

Check out the trailer below


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