9 Tricks You Need To Create The CV That Will Land You A Good Job

Writing a CV can be the most annoying and stressful thing to do, but we all know it is a necessity. So we have found some basic guidelines you need to know before you start drafting CV. We are gonna list tricks that Employers wish you knew.

Your Resume should be one page.

It should be short and brief, your inability to keep it short says something about your editing skills more than it says anything about your accomplishments.

Add keywords that come up often in job postings.

This will vary on the kind of job you are searching for; if it is a job in sales use words like ” customer relations”, if you are in advertising use keywords like  “creative”.

Write out the basics, and Do Not forget to add your skills.

The basic essentials for resume: your name, email address, cell phone number, and work experience; schooling and reference. Skills!!! , they are important because it always adds value to your experience. An example being if you are good at excel sheets; ( and your soon to be boss sucks at it) that skill will put ahead of the game. LIST ALL THE SKILLS YOU POSSESS.

Include experience with uncommon software or tools as well.

You may have learned something most people around you aren’t interested in, the hiring manager may ask you about, that will be a good time to discuss it.

Save space in the education section.

If you are listing a University and High school, it is best to set up a two-column section so that the names can go side by side. But please do not list more than two schools especially if you are someone who transferred a lot, only list the school you graduated from.

Include a hyperlink to your LinkedIn page or online portfolio.

Add it to the contact information section so HR can get a closer look at some of your work.

Don’t be afraid to list unpaid or volunteer work

Honestly, anybody that can comment on your work ethic is a reference, so list them unless it didn’t end well then, please act like it never happened.

Put your most relevant experience first.

Putting things in order is less important until you have a few career-oriented jobs under your belt. Employers want to immediately see that you have experience.

Use active verbs throughout your Cv.

Start each bullet point with an active verb such as “assisted” or “managed” to portray hard work. Remember, details count.


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