Here Are 5 Types Of Boyfriends On Val’s Day


It’s that time of the year again and Val’s Day is just around the corner.

There are guys who would proudly get something for their girls.

There are some who would try and play smart because they have nothing to offer.

Here are 5 types of boyfriends on Val’s Day.

The Boyfriend Who’s Always Suddenly Broke

These guys are always broke. You don’t even know what they use their money for. You cope with them all the time thinking they will change this one time and surprise you on Val’s day, but sagaa!


The Boyfriend Who Always Suddenly Forgets

Trust me, madam, no guy ever forgets Valentine’s Day, except he’s not ready to pay.


The Guy Who Proves His Love



The Shared Boyfriend

Every hour he’s not with you, he’s with someone else (: Obaahemaa, give him close marking


The Boyfriend Who Pretends To Be Angry

Has your boyfriend ever been angry with you just because you said thank you to him? Right, I bet you don’t want to be polite to him until Val’s day is over or he will capitalize on that and get angry.

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Which kind of boyfriend are you?


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