Style Watch: The Black Panther Edition

Black Panther

Wakanda Forever!!! okay, we had to get that off our chest. For those of us who have seen Black Panther, we can definitely say that Ruth E Carter, the custom designer for the movie did an amazing job with the customs, she reflected the diversity of Africa as a continent through the futuristic customs and accessories.

To say that Black Panther is visually stunning is an understatement, it was also accurate when it comes to the customs of different tribes. Let’s take a look at the real-life tribal customs that were represented in the movie.

This Headdress on Queen Ramonda is from the Zulu tribe in South Africa.

The Ndebele neck ring Okoye is wearing is from Zimbabwe.

They are wearing Basotho blankets from South Africa.

This Wakanda elder is wearing a Surma lip plate from Ethiopia

The face paint on Zuri is called Karo in Ethiopia, the robe is called Igbo in Nigeria and necklace is from Namibia.

This is a Himba hairstyle from Namibia.

T’Challa is wearing a Kente cloth from Ghana

If you haven’t watched Black Panther, just go to the Silverbird Cinemas and give yourself a treat.


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