Guess What This Illustrator Got At A Wedding When Others Were Looking For A New “Catch”

welbie kfc

While everyone goes to a wedding to celebrate with the bride and groom, others also go to find suitable partners in the hope to also celebrate a big wedding like the one they attended.

Welbeck “Welbie” Mensah, however, did not attend the wedding for any of these reasons but rather gave birth to an idea that has become the unconventional breakthrough in the 21st Century art in Ghana.

welbie KFC

His big idea is doodling and animation.

With photography, the artist/illustrator has been able to bring to life images through doodling and animation.

This has put him on the pedestal and given him the benefit of working with brands such as AeroShutter and Effects Studios amongst others.

The thing Welbie fears the most is artiste-block but then again he thrives on the streets. These form part of his success story and despite the hustle, he knows that streets are always there to have his back.

His upcoming doodle illustration features KFC


And knowing KFC for the brand that they are they like to celebrate little victories like that of Welbie.

Do you have your own victory story to tell too?

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