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you are what you eat by randy kotey

People mostly don’t go into detail about what enters their body. I personally never found the need to until my fitness journey was a glaring reality staring at me right in my face. This made me research more on what I could gain out of what I ate. I compiled all that I found out and was able to share with others who eventually got the results they needed through that.

The condition of your body today is a sum of all the food choices you made in the past and the condition of your body in the future will depend on the food choices you make today.

Choose low-grade foods and you will have a low-grade body; choose high-grade foods and you will get leaner, stronger, healthier, more muscular and more energetic.

The problem is how do you know what to choose? Which foods get high grades and which ones get low grades? When you walk down a supermarket aisle or look through a restaurant menu, you are faced with a dizzying array of choices. Label claims like low cholesterol, low fat, 30% less fat, all natural and 100% organic grab your attention and seem to scream at you, “pick me!!” But how do you really know what is a good choice and what is a bad choice?

Worry no more, because now you have in your hands a grading system that can help you “grade” your food choices.

Before we proceed, however, note that food IS NOT categorized in just two groups. They vary. Food quality is in a scale form. It ranges from one point to another. It doesn’t just fall into bad and good.

Grade A Foods

grade a foods randy kotey

An A is the highest grade a food can receive. To earn an A grade, the food must be 100% organic. These top of the line superfoods are packed with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, carotenoids, phytochemicals, essential fatty acids, fibre and other healthy stuff that is extremely good for you. Examples of Grade A Foods include spinach, kale, broccoli, cauliflower, green beans, asparagus, green & red peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, green vegetables, yams, sweet potatoes, oatmeal, beans, peas, brown rice, carrots, fresh fruits, flaxseed oil, fish oil, salmon, trout, herrings, sardines, chicken breast, turkey breast, egg whites.


Grade B Foods

grade b foods randy kotey

A “B” is a good grade. Not the best grade but it is good either ways. Bodybuilders and fitness competitors often drop out grade B foods prior to competitions opting for 100% grade A food choices. This makes the diet much more restrictive. If you are a perfectionist you can strive for straight A’s and that is perfect. But keep in mind that it is not only ok for you to have some grade B foods throughout the year. It also helps you to easily maintain your diet. Examples of Grade B Foods are whole grain unsweetened boxed cereals, whole grain cooked cereals, whole grain pastas, whole grain breads, extra lean ground beef, extra lean red meats, Non fat or 1% low fat cream/cheese/yoghurt, whole eggs, extra virgin olive oil, natural peanut butter, olives, avocado, nuts & seeds.


Grade C Foods

grade c foods randy kotey

A “C” is an average grade, not poor, not failing, but not good either. If most of your diet consists of “C” grade foods your results will be very average; not poor, not absent but not good either. Most boxed cereals fall in the C grade. Even though they are made from whole grains, they are sweetened with white sugar. When the whole grains are unsweetened they get to stay at B, but as soon as they are sweetened they get downgraded to a C. Example of Grade C Foods are grits, cream of rice, cream of white, white rice, pasta made from enriched flour, whole grain low fat snack, bagels, Cheerios, sweetened/flavoured oatmeal, raisin bran cereal, enriched wheat bread, unsweetened fruit juice, turkey thighs or dark meat, chicken thighs, ground turkey, lean ground beef, lean red meat, low fat sliced chicken breast, low fat sliced turkey breast, low fat sliced ham, low fat ham/pork, low fat 2% cream/cheese/yoghurt


Grade D Foods

grade d foods randy kotey

A “D” is a poor grade, no doubt about it. If you are eating a lot of grade D food your results will be poor for sure. Most D foods are bad for your health. Most D foods are high in refined sugars and bleached white flour. D grade foods include proteins that are also high in total fat and saturated fat and proteins that are highly processed and refined. Examples of Grade D Foods include sweetened boxed cereals, snack foods, white bread, baked foods, low fat sliced chicken breast, low fat sliced turkey breast, low fat sausage, low fat ground beef, full fat cream/cheese/yoghurt, butter, red meat, roast beef, ham, pork, hot dogs, sausages, bacon.


Grade F Foods

grade F foods randy kotey

These are the foods you should avoid if possible. You should eat them on rare occasions. These are foods that not only spell disaster for your physique but also your health. They are highly saturated with all kinds of fat. Some Grade F Foods include palm oil, coconut oil, anything deep fried, margarine, high calorie and high-fat cuts of pork, sweets, chocolate, cookies, soda, sugar-sweetened beverages, pastries, cakes, potato chips, burgers, chocolate milk, meat processed in high fat, full-fat meat and  cold cuts, salami

How did you do? Did you pass? Did you fail?  Don’t worry if your grades were not good. That is in the past now. With the current information you have, I am sure you will be making A’s & B’s pretty soon.

Always remember that you are what you eat.


About the author

Randy Kotey is a Fitness Coach/Personal Trainer. His love for helping others achieve their fitness goal started when he was a teenager. As an individual who struggled to gain muscle himself, he researched extensively on fitness and healthy living in order to give others a smooth transition into it as he didn’t enjoy that privilege. To know more about Randy Kotey, you can check the following social media handles:


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