Legon: Departmental Presidents!! Here’s What You Need To Know About The “Who Says We’re Not Creative” Interdepartmental Challenge


We hardly experience competitions amongst the various departments on this campus, which is kinda bad huh. But thanks to the Careers and Counselling Centre, we are going to have an interdepartmental challeeeeenge.

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So for those of you who don’t know, the Careers and Counselling Centre will be celebrating the UG Career Week 2018 this semester,

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and as part of the celebration, the interdepartmental challenge will be one of the activities they will be undertaking.

This interdepartmental challenge is dubbed,” Who Says We’re Not Creative”.

The theme for the challenge says it all. It’s basically going to be a day of creativity where talented and creative individuals or groups from the various departments show Legon how creative they can be with regards to their courses of study.

So departmental presidents you know what to do right??

Yeah… start searching for the creative people in your various departments to represent you at the “Who Says We’re Not Creative” interdepartmental challenge at the UG Career Week 2018.

But presidents, before your departments can participate, you have to first confirm your department’s participation in the challenge by sending the Careers and Counselling Centre a message on any of these numbers: 0209059446/0504056022

Confirm as soon as possible because we can’t wait to know the department with the best creative people.


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